What value can we attribute to the Tradition of the Fathers of the Church?

(is S.Agostino, Origen etc.) In the moment in which they clarify without breaking the biblical dictation, we can attribute to these teachings didactic value, without falling into idolatry?

Tradition is very important, it is thanks to this that today we know so many things and we can recognize so many established and biblical doctrines (and gives. the Trinity). Ma la tradizione non deve mai essere considerata al pari della Scrittura, which remains the only authority in matters of faith. It is necessary to read the Fathers of the Church with a critical attitude in order to then be able to judge through our filter, which remains the Bible.


Even the early church fathers, that we can read to learn lessons, they were of this opinion:

Reject anything found in the scriptures, or receive some things that are not written, it is an obvious sign of infidelity, it is an act of pride ... the faithful must believe with fullness of spirit all the things that are in the Scriptures without removing or adding anything ' (Basilio, Lib. de Fid. – regul. moral. reg. 80)

If you want to clarify things in doubt, go to the law and the testimony of Scripture; out of there you are in the night of error. We admit everything that is written, we reject everything that is not. Things that are invented under the name of apostolic tradition without the authority of Scripture are struck by the sword of God ' (Girolamo, on Isaiah, VII; In Agg., I; quoted by Roberto Nisbet in op. cit., once. 28).

They said that Scripture is always the only authority and if something we read, it is not in tune with the same, then we can reject it.

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