Chronology of Israel's history

2100 aC
2000 aC
1910 aC
1446 aC
1406 aC
1400 aC
1050 aC
1010 aC
970 aC
926 aC
721 aC
612 aC
605 aC
597 aC
586 aC
586-573 aC
539 aC
538 aC
536 aC
516 aC
331 aC
250 aC
175 aC
166-63 aC
63 aC
About the 5 aC
About the 25 dC
About the 28 dC
70 dC
End of 1800
1933 – 1944
God promises many descendants to Abraham
Jacob is born (beginning of the lineage of Israel)
Joseph was sold into slavery
The Exodus to the Promised Land begins
Israel begins by establishing itself as a nation
Israel is ruled by the judges – not kings
Saul becomes the first king of Israel
David becomes king of Israel
Solomon becomes king and builds the Temple
Israel becomes a divided kingdom
The Assyrians conquer the northern kingdom of Israel
Babylon conquers Nineveh (assiro Impero)
Babylon exerts an influence on Judah
Babylon attacks Judah
Babylon destroys Jerusalem and the Temple
Babylon king Nebuchadnezzar attacks Tire

Cyrus the Great conquers Babylon

Cyrus frees the Jews from Babylonian captivity
Work begins on the reconstruction of the Temple
Construction of the new Temple

Alexander conquers founds the Phoenician Empire
The Old Testament is translated into Greek

The Greek ruler Antiochus Epiphanes torments the Jews
Jews gain independence during the Hasmonean Period
The Romans conquer the land of Israel

Jesus was born in Bethlehem
Jesus begins his ministry

Jesus is crucified
The Romans destroy Jerusalem and the Temple
Shot attacked and destroyed again
The Zionist Movement begins
The Jews begin the return to their homeland

“The Jewish state” is well founded; Zionism grows

Jews unite in an effort to regain their homeland
Britain gains control of Palestine (Israel)
6 millions of Jews killed by the Nazis

The Jews declare the independence of Israel

Neighboring countries invade Israel
Israel won it in the first Arab-Israeli war
The Six Day War: Jews capture the holy city of Jerusalem

Hebrew becomes the official language of Israel
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