God even hears the prayers of those who have received the inner call?


I wanted to ask you if God listens (and fulfills) also the prayers of those who have not received the interior call and therefore are not yet a Christian believer in all respects. Thank you.

Praying WomanThe mere fact that a person is turning to God in prayer means that he believes in it, otherwise it wouldn't. God grants anyone who approaches Him with humility and faith, therefore it could be for that person the beginning of the path that would lead to conversion. It is precisely in moments of discouragement, indeed, that we get closer to God. I do not exclude that God also hears those people then. Then God works in a mysterious way that we cannot understand.


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  1. Gregory dice

    I leave a contribution to the theme: “God also listens to the prayers of those who have not received an interior call? When I was born 61 Years ago,the family doctor gave me a few days to live. In front of that statement my father, I was told later, he was gripped by a desperate cry as he addressed in supplication to a painting depicting Saint Anthony with the child Jesus. His, my father, still still incredulous, that day he was in the upper room of the house while on the lower floor the doctor said sighing: this is the last penicillin if we don't hear any moans it will die. Now my father, in the same hour, as he begged to the image, he heard a voice:take your son here he is! At that precise moment he heard a thud on the bed where he was lying and a baby crying down.. Thirty years later me, the newborn came back to life, I accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and personal Savior. In conclusion, it must be recognized that the ways and circumstances in which God works are mysterious. Today, with the hindsight of faith I say: What is an Idol? nothing, while God, He whom I have entrusted my life to, that's all. He is the Lord.

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