God really exists?

A question mark cloud in a blue sky, Question Mark
A question mark cloud in a blue sky, Question Mark

We know that God really exists because He has revealed Himself in three main ways: through the Creation, through his Word, and through His son, Jesus Christ.

The fundamental proof of God's existence are simply all things created by Him:

Indeed, from the creation of the world onwards, his invisible perfections can be contemplated with the intellect of the works he accomplished, like his eternal power and divinity; they are therefore inexcusable “{ Romans 1: 20}. “ The heavens narrate the glory of God and the work of his hands announces the firmament “ {Salmo 19: 1}.

If I come across a wristwatch in mezzo to the field, I will not admit that it simply "appeared" out of nowhere or that it has always existed. Taking into consideration the clock mechanism, I suppose there is someone who came up with it. In the world around us, But, I discover an idea and an accuracy mmuch larger. Our sense of time is not based on clocks, but on God's work - the permanent rotation of the Earth { and the radioactive properties of the element cesium - 133 atom }. The great idea of ​​the Universe is revealed which speaks of the existence of even a great one Designer.

If I find an encrypted message, I'll look for a cryptographer to help me crack the code. I assume an intelligent person sent the message - the same person who did the coding. How complex is the DNA code, present in every cell of our body? The complexity and purpose of DNA does not confirm the existence of an Intelligent Author of this code?

God didn't just create a physical world, complex and delicate, but he also put the notion of eternity in the heart of every man { Ecclesiastes 3: 11}. Man possesses the innate feeling that there is something beyond what the eyes see - that there is a higher power than the daily routine. Our sense of eternity manifests itselfta in two ways: through the creation of the law and through adoration.

Every civilization in the history of humanity has certain moral laws that are strikingly similar in various cultures. So, the art., the idea of ​​love is esteemed by everyone, while that of the lie is generally condemned. This moral, accepted by many, this comprehensive understanding of good and evil, draws attention to a morally Supreme Creature who has given us these moral principles.

Alike, men around the world, culture aside, they created a system of adoration. It is possible that the objects of adoration stand out, but the sensation of the existence of a "Higher Power" is undoubtedly part of the human creature. Our predisposition to worship corresponds to the fact that God created us "in his image" {Genesis 1:27}.

God revealed himself through his Word - the Bible. Throughout Scripture the existence of God is accepted as an obvious fact {Genesis 1: 1; Exodus 3: 14 }. When Benjamin Franklin writes his Autobiography, he wastes no time proving his existence. Alike, not even God wastes much time proving His existence in His book. The essence of the Bible, capable of changing human life, its entirety, as well as the miracles that accompany his writing, that should be reason enough for us to look at it in a more comprehensive way.

The third way God reveals himself is through His Son, Jesus Christ {Giovanni 14:6-11}. “In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God and the Word was God ... E “ the Word became flesh and dwelt among us…” {Giovanni 1:1, 14}."And in Christ who bodily dwells all the fullness of divinity" {Colossesi 2:9}.

During his wonderful life, while here on earth, Jesus absolutely respects the law of the Old Testament and carries out the prophecies towards the Messiah {Matteo 5:17}. He performs innumerable works that are an expression of His mercy towards men, he also performs public miracles to attest to the truthfulness of His message and to testify to his divinity {Giovanni 21: 24-25}. So, three days after His death on the cross, He rises from the dead - a fact proven by a hundred witnesses {1 Corizi 15:6}. There is a number of historical "proofs" regarding the question of who Jesus is. As the apostle Paul says: "... since they did not happen in secret" {proceedings 26:26}.

It is understood that there are always skeptics with their own ideas of God, ready to question the evidence; that there are others that not even the number of tests offered will be able to convince {Salmo 14:1}. Why " Without faith, however, it is impossible to please him “ {Jews 11:6}.

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