It is right to speak of sacred or consecrated places?

… (consecrated hosts, holy waters, blessed houses) or instead it is the assembly of Christians that makes the place where it is held sacred?

In reality, one place is no more sacred than another place, what makes it sacred is the community of saints, that is, believers who gather to praise the Lord.

Jesus said,: “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am among them ". (Matteo 18:20)

Primitive Christian communities gathered in homes. So it is not even necessary to go to the so-called churches, to respect the commandment of "sanctify the feasts" it is not necessary to go to church, but just dedicate one day of the week, it could be Saturday or Sunday or Monday or Tuesday, etc. based on people's work needs (because the Bible says that one day is no holier than another) to prayer, to biblical reading, to meditation, even if only together with another person, that it can be the partner or a friend. I am wary of any fundamentalist interpretation of the Bible that wants to give importance to one day over another and I am wary of those churches and pastors who say that "you have to go to prayer rooms or churches" to be able to feel right with God. Is it not perhaps Jesus invoked him everywhere? Having said that I leave the free choice to people: if anyone feels like they want to go to a church, very well, but if someone feels like they want to "church" in homes, just as well. It's the same.

As for the consecrated hosts, blessed houses, holy waters, all meaningless rituals without value. No human being can bless anything, it is God who blesses and there is no need for a priest to bless, just ask God directly to protect our home.


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  1. Roberto sketch dice

    sono d’accordo con tutto questo, però ho un dubbio, nei dieci comandamenti ci dice di consacrare al nostro Dio il giorno del sabato, cioè il settimo giorno ( anke se non l’ho mai capito perchè se conti, il settimo giorno è la domenica xD) e dovrebbe essere un giorno di riposo e dedicato al nostro Dio

    1. ChristianFaith dice

      Yup, ma io non ho capito cosa non ti è chiaro 🙂

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