Ecumenism: right or wrong?

Good question! It is right and wrong. In the sense that, if by ecumenism we mean dialogue with other faiths and respect for other faiths without, however, compromising and having to review the Christian biblical doctrine, it's right. However, if we intend to find a meeting point and change our doctrines to form a single one that can be shared by all parties, it's wrong. I say yes to ecumenism, that is, yes to dialogue and respect for other faiths. Christian teaching is to love our neighbor. L’ecumenismo è quello che cerca di guardare più che altro i punti in comune con gli altri e non i punti di disaccordo, and this thing is, in my opinion, positive. For which, are Protestants, Orthodox and Catholics, they share the love for Jesus Christ the Savior and believe in the divinity of Jesus, it is useless to make war continuously, once our different points of view have been exposed, useless to insist, but let's love each other anyway, it will be God who will judge, it's not up to us!


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