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father_gobbi1The aberrations produced by the Marian cult are particularly evident in the book “To the priests, beloved sons of Our Lady” (also called “Blue book”) by Don Stefano Gobbi.

In granting him the Imprimatur, Cardinal Bernardino Echeverria Ruiz OFM, the 25 June 1995, on the occasion of the annual exercises of the Marian Movement of Don Gobbi, he said: “After reading and meditating on the messages that Our Lady entrusted to Don Stefano Gobbi, I consider it a privilege to be able to grant the Imprimatur to the edition of this book. I also take this opportunity to recommend reading these messages as they help spread the veneration of the Blessed Virgin” (San Marino, 29 June 1995, feast of SS. Apostles Peter and Paul).

The Marian messages contained in the book are real heresies in open opposition to the content of the Bible. Below, a few are listed:

  • Maria (Madonna) frees men from sin, instead of Jesus (11.2.1992)
  • Mary is the Mediatrix of grace, powerful intercession (the Bible, on the other hand, declares that Jesus is the one and only Mediator): it is only through Mary that one reaches Jesus, otherwise the Jesus we meet is not Jesus (3.3.1979, 16.7.1980, 1.1.1991, 13.7.1980, 21.1.1984, 1.1.1981, 8.12.1991)
  • Mary offered her Son to the Father, instead of having been God who offered His Son (1.4.1974)
  • Mary is the way to reach the Lord (2.2.1989)
  • Mary is the door to salvation (8.12.1991)
  • Mary is vigilant and terrible (14.11.1973)
  • Mary is the Mother, good and jealous (29.7.1973)
  • Maria is authoritarian (7.7.1973, 16.7.1973, 7.10.1975, 29.7.1979)
  • Mary's orders are given through the Pope and the hierarchy faithful to him (22.8.1976)
  • Mary authorizes slander and contempt (31.7.1976)
  • Maria is self-centered and exclusivist (1.12.1973, 26.12.1973, 10.2.1974, 25.3.1984, 30.11.1974)
  • Mary holds the arm of God's righteousness (10.2.1978, 31.12.1985, 31.12.1977)
  • “Mother!” it would have been the last loud cry of Jesus on the cross (1.8.1973)
  • The priests in the Mass generate Jesus (24.12.1977, 8.8.1986)
  • Only those who remain united with the Pope can be saved (30.8.1984)
  • The Church is pervaded by darkness (19.3.1978)
  • We must not follow the bishops who do not share the Pope's ideas (8.9.1985)
  • The Pope is the “sweet Christ on earth” (11.2.1976)

Any sincere believer can realize how these very grave revelations are antithetical to the Gospel and the teachings of the Bible.. They constitute, practically, an alternative gospel, in which Jesus Christ is literally replaced by Mary, who from a humble creature becomes a goddess, superior in grace and power to Christ himself; Catholic believers are also required to pay her the cult and remain linked to the Pope, otherwise there can be no salvation, despite what Christ himself promised.

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  1. Alessio Rando dice

    Father Giobbi was deceived and deceived!!!!

  2. alexiorando dice

    I don't know whether to laugh or cry to these real and proper HERESIES!
    Sia eterna lode a Ges

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