"I will put enmity between you and the woman ..." (Gn 3,15)


I Catholic catechism, when it comes to explaining the veneration of the “Madonna” bring out this verse, plus the one where she is called “blessed and full of grace” in the Gospel. But what does it mean? Let's see.

From the Diodati:

I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and her offspring; this offspring will crush your head and you will hurt your heel ".
(Gn 3,15).

The CEI Bible translates thus:

I will put enmity between thee and the woman, between your offspring and his offspring: this will crush your head and you will sneak into its heel " (Genesis 3:15)

The meaning does not change even in the CEI translation, as for the woman to crush the head of the serpent, but his offspring, his lineage.


Here the offspring of the woman coincides with the church of God, his people.

The lineage of the woman is the lineage of God's people and the woman here is EVA, the first woman, not Maria. Eva, that the snake attempted! Here we are talking about this in context.

The Sir, here in this verse of Genesis, he wants to remind Satan that he will be crushed by believers, his, who will follow the true God. There is no foothold, no reason to think that it was Mary the mother of Jesus, as they are believers, the church proper, a “crush the snake's head”. But the snake will injure the heel of the woman's offspring, that is, of believers. Only Christ in the Apocalypse will definitively destroy the serpent.

God begins to condemn the one from whom sin began, that is, from the snake. The means used by the devil must also participate in his punishment. Under the robe of the snake, the devil is condemned to be denigrated and cursed by God, detested and abhorred by all humanity and finally destroyed by the great Redeemer as well, indicated in the crushing of his head. War is declared between the offspring of the woman and that of the serpent: it is the fruit of this constant enmity between grace and corruption in the hearts of God's people. Satan, through corruption, hits, sift and try to devour. Heaven and hell can no longer be reconciled and neither can light and darkness, nor Satan with a sanctified soul. Furthermore, there is a constant struggle between the wicked and the pious in this world. Here, however, is the beautiful promise of Christ, as Liberator of the fallen man by the power of Satan and the plan of the Gospel: as soon as there was the wound, the remedy was immediately given and revealed. This great revelation of a Savior was neither requested nor sought by man. Without a revelation of mercy, which gives us some hope of forgiveness, the convinced sinner would fall into such despair as to harden more and more. By faith in this promise, the first parents and patriarchs before the flood were justified and saved. Notice what is reported about Christ: 1. His incarnation or coming in the flesh: great is the encouragement for sinners to know that their Savior is the offspring of the woman, bone of our bones, Eb 2:11, 14. 2. His sufferings and his death indicated in that heel of his that will crush Satan: by means, that is, of human nature and all the sufferings of Christ continue in the sufferings of the saints because of his name. The devil tempts them, it persecutes and kills them and thus undermines the heel of Christ, afflicted because of their afflictions. But while his heel is undermined on the ground, the Chief is in heaven. 3. His victory over Satan anyway. Christ wreaked havoc on Satan's temptations by saving souls and taking them out of his hands.

With his death, He dealt a fatal blow to the demon kingdom, that wound on the snake's head that can no longer be healed. Where the gospel takes hold, Satana decade.

The figure of the Church of God in the metaphor of a woman

In fact, everything is linked to the Apocalypse, when Jesus is given birth by his mother e (HIS) he will crush the head of the serpent, which will be permanently destroyed E’ then common throughout Scripture to illustrate the Church with the figure of a woman. As is also done in Revelation when speaking of the whore of Babylon (a traitorous woman) which coincides with the false church. Also the figure of the Bride of Christ (woman figure) it is the Church.

If you thought she really is a real woman, the Madonna in the Catholic case, then one should also think that the Bride of Christ is a real woman, and that the whore of Babylon in Revelation is indeed a woman instead of the false church. But all of this is illogical and wrong in Scripture.

Mary full of grace

Another verse that the Catholics, they barely manage to use them for their cult of the Madonna, is the verse of Luca 1:28, when the angel enters Mary and gives her the announcement of her pregnancy by the Holy Spirit:

The angel, entered by her, said: «I salute you, or favored by grace; the Lord is with you ".
(Luca 1:28)

But what does it mean? But it is simple: the angel announces that she has been chosen by God and will bring the Savior into the world, for this she says full of grace or favored by grace, and it is true, she will surely have salvation and is holy, holy as are all Holy Spirit-filled believers, that is, those who give their life to the faith of Christ. The meaning of “santo” in the Gospel it is just that, not others. But from here to build upon a doctrine that has become polytheistic is really too much. Let us remember that the only mediator between God and men is Christ (1Timoteo 2:5), our only lawyer who intercedes for us and our only comforter, the only one able to give us salvation.

We are all sinners, not even one is saved, the Bible doesn't say “There is no right, not even one, except Mary the mother of Jesus or Saint Philip, Saint Catherine, Saint Francis”!!!!

“There is no right, not even one”. (Romans 3:10)

“All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”. (Romans 3:23)

The Bible is clear in several parts and is understood from beginning to end, we are all born in original sin except the Son of God, the Lamb who came to take away the sin of the world. Inventing that Mary was born without sin is a beautiful and good heresy, as such a thing is not present in Scripture

We also remember a very important thing: Jesus himself admonished those who exalted his mother in the New Testament. A woman from the crowd yelled at him “"Blessed is the womb that bore you and the breasts at which You nursed!But he said:"Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and put it into practice!» (Luca 11:27-28)

So pay attention to the study of Scripture: we must not take verses and extrapolate them from their context by misinterpreting them and constructing doctrines that lead to an abominable mistake in the eyes of GOD, the reading of the Bible must be done in a complete way and one must know all the events, from first to last and grasp its meaning. God condemns worship, intercession, adoration, call it what you want, of the dead and only He knows who is in his presence. Certain thing, as it appears in the Bible, is that the dead do not see us and do not hear us! Only Christ is the mediator!

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