The Bible TOB

1_3_[1]The Bible TOB (Ecumenical Bible Translation) resumes the translation of the Bible by the CEI, while the notes and comments are translated from the second French edition of 1987, revision of the precedent officially presented to the Churches of France in 1975. This translation constitutes a fundamental and irreversible stage in the ecumenical journey e, more attentive to literal fidelity than to “Interfaith Translation in Current Language”, it is accompanied by general introductions, introductions to individual books and philological notes, historical and doctrinal, written by Catholic and Protestant translators in connection with the Orthodox theological commission.

The biblical books are not listed in the order of the CEI Bible, but they follow the Hebrew Bible: after the proto-canons of the Old Testament, the deuterocanonical books follow (apocryphal), hence the books of the New Testament. This choice led the publishers to submit a double translation of the book of Esther, one according to Hebrew, the other according to the Greek.

The Old Testament is translated on the Masoretic text, except those passages which are indicated in the notes as important variants of the other manuscripts, especially those of the Greek version of “Seventy”. The relatively rare cases in which we depart from the Masoretic text are noted in the footnote.

The transcription adopted in the CEI Bible has been maintained for personal names and toponyms.





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