The history of the Jewish people confirms the Bible?

How does the existence of the Jewish people is an objective proof of the authenticity of the Bible?

One of the most convincing evidence for the existence of the God of the Bible is the story of the Jewish people.

Circa 4.000 Years ago, God called a man named Abraham and, avendogli asked to leave his homeland, He made him the following promises: "And I will make of thee a great nation, and bless you, and I will make your name great, and you shall be a blessing and well – I tell those who bless you and curse those who curse you and in you shall be blessed all the families of the earth " (Genesis 12:2, 3); And the Lord said to Abraham: «.. Lift up now thine eyes, and look, from the place where you are, north, at midday, to east, the West. All the land that you see, I give to you and to your seed, in perpetuity " (Genesis 13:14, 15).


We can summarize these promises in four points. God promised Abraham:

  1. a great nation;
  2. a great name;
  3. it would be a source of blessing for all the nation
  4. that his descendants would possess forever a particular land.

A few hundred years later, the descendants of Abraham had actually multiplied to such an extent as to become a nation of millions of individuals. Before taking possession of the Promised Land they were given by God, through Moses, a series of warnings (we find them in Deuteronomy chapters 28 a 33).

God warned them that, if they had been disobedient, He would send other nations to expel them from the promised land. however, in His faithfulness, God also promised that he would eventually brought them to their land.

What was the verdict of history about? The Jews, fallen into idolatry against which God had warned them, They were largely driven out of Palestine. In 606 to.C. King Nebuchadnezzar deported many Jews in Babylon and 588-586 to.C. he returned to Jerusalem and, after a long siege, He burned the city and the house, and carried other Jews.

God's promise to return his people to the promised land there was a first time in seventy years of captivity, in 537-536 to.C. (Ezra chapter 1). In 70 d. C. It came about the disappearance of the Jewish people from Palestine, when Tito with the Roman army destroyed the city of Jerusalem and scattered its population.

for almost 1.900 years, from that day, Jews have wandered the earth as foreigners persecuted on every side. This painful pilgrimage culminated in the Holocaust of World War II, when six million Jews were exterminated in concentration camps.

Against all logic prediction, the 14 May 1948, something extraordinary happened: It was declared a national state of Israel and Jews around the world began to return to the Promised Land. This was the second time in their history that the Jews returned en masse to Palestine. from 1948 they have survived terrible attacks, such as the Six-Day War in 1967 and the Yom Kippur War in 1973.

Despite this incredible vicissitudes, the Jewish nation has never been canceled, nor has it lost its national identity. In general history shows that, when a people abandon their homeland, over the course of about five generations lose their national identity and is absorbed by the new culture.

With the Jews was not so. They survived as a nation, while their enemies (i Moabiti, the Ammonites, the Edomites, the Philistines), They were destroyed and have lost their cultural identity. No one has ever heard of a Swedish Moabite, di un filisteo Russo, Edomite a German or an American Ammonite. They are instead the order of the Swedish Jewish day, Russians, Germans and Americans. They have not lost their identity, just as it was prophesied.

During a debate whose theme was the person of Jesus Christ and who also took part in a known jew character, in the time devoted to questions, one student asked the Jew because he did not believe in the resurrection of Christ. He replied in deadpan manner that did not believe in the miracles of the New Testament, much less those of the Old Testament. Such a statement, made by a jew, living testimony of miracle that ethnic survival, really incredible.

One wonders how it is that, after two dispersions (the second of which lasted almost 1.900 years), a holocaust, in which a third of world Jewry was put to death, and attacks of over a hundred million Arabs in 1967 and 1973, the nation of Israel still exists. It is the consequence of the incredible resources of the Jews, or there was a divine hand that kept watch over His people?

A representative of the Israeli official says: "Most of my countrymen is declared atheist, But it's not true! I think we all, in the deepest part of our hearts, we are convinced that there is a force greater than us who work to protect this nation ".

After the recent re-conquest of Jerusalem by the Jews, more than a million Jews went to the Wailing Wall to give thanks to God.

The existence of the nation-state of Israel is an undeniable testimony to the faithfulness of a God who keeps promises made.

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