Prayers from the Bible: i Salmi

post04-geraldine-brooks-600x450[1] The importance of the Psalms is very great, in them we find inspiration for prayer and edification, we also find comfort when we find ourselves living in particular situations in our life. The Psalms are not to be learned by heart, as prayer, to be effective, it must spring from the heart and must be recited in one's own words (Matteo 6:5-8). The Psalms should be read and meditated on.

The Psalms have always been sung both by Jews and by Christians of every century and country, and of this, most modern Christians have forgotten about it, preferring to sing other songs during worship than the Word of God, just as the Bible itself commands us. For this reason they are not only important for building, but they should always be at the center of Sunday Christian worship.

In the Psalms, David and other writers gave their hearts to God in prayer, expressing honest feelings of distress and despair, asking him for protection. They confessed their state of sin to God, confidently they expressed their hope in God, and with joy they praised him. Many times we find ourselves in unbearable situations of sadness, depression, distress, where we don't know how to pray or express our feelings to God. Our fear sometimes prevents us from saying what we really feel. The prayers found in the Psalms help you get to know God better, to see it through the eyes of the psalmist, to really cry to ask him for comfort, to express anguish, fear and uncertainty, to know him as the God who loves us and supports us in the most tragic situations.

We remember the words of Jesus:

In truth, verily I tell you, whatever you will ask the Father in my name, he will give it to you. (Giovanni 16:23)

I also tell you: ask persistently, and it will be given to you; seek without tiring, and you will find; knock repeatedly, and it will be opened to you. (Luca 11:9)

And Salmi

Prayers of Praise

Salmo. Song for the inauguration of the house. By Davide.
I exalt you, O LORD, because you took me high
and you did not allow my enemies to rejoice in me.

O LORD, my God,
I shouted at you
and you healed me.

(Salmo 30:1-2)

But I will sing your power,
and in the morning I will praise your goodness aloud,
because you have been a fortress to me,
a refuge on the day of adversity.

O my strength, to you I will sing,
because God is my refuge, the God who does me good.davidPsalms[1]

(Salmo 59:16-17)

O LORD, my God, you have multiplied your wonders and designs in our favor;
no one is like you.
I would like to tell and proclaim them,
but they are too many to be counted.

(Salmo 40:5)

Then I'll celebrate you with the saltèrio, I will celebrate your truth, Oh my God!
I will sing to you with the lyre, O Saint of Israel!

My lips will rejoice, when I sing praise to you,
and so my soul, that you redeemed.

Even my tongue will speak all day about your righteousness,
because they have been put to shame, those who desired my evil were humiliated.

(Salmo 71:22-24)

I sing. Psalm of David.
My heart is willing, hate,
I will sing and chant with reverence.

Wake up, saltèrio and zither,
I want to awaken the dawn.

I will celebrate you among the peoples, O LORD,
and to you I will sing praises among the nations.

Because your goodness reaches the heavens
and your faithfulness to the clouds.

Get up, hate, above the heavens,
let your glory shine upon all the earth!

(Salmo 108:1-5)

Not to us, O LORD, not to us,
but to your name he gives glory,
for your goodness and your faithfulness!

(Salmo 115:1)

Blessed be God, the Sir, the God of Israel,
he alone works wonders!

Blessed be his glorious name forever
and all the earth be filled with your glory! Amen! Amen!

(Salmo 72:18-19)

I will celebrate you among the peoples, o Lord,
I will praise you among the nations,

for your goodness is great as far as heaven,
and your faithfulness to the clouds.

Get up, hate, above the heavens,
let your glory shine throughout the earth!

(Salmo 57:9-11)

Psalm of praise. By Davide.
I will exalt you, Oh my God, my king,
and I will bless your name forever.

I will bless you every day
and I will praise your name forever.

The LORD is great and worthy of highest praise,
and its greatness cannot be measured.

(Salmo 145:1-3)

Psalm of David.
I will celebrate you with all my heart,
before the gods I will sing praises to you.

I will worship addressed to your holy temple
and I will celebrate your name for your goodness and your faithfulness;
for you have made your word great beyond all fame.

On the day I screamed at you,
you answered me,
you have increased my strength in my soul.

(Salmo 138:1-3)

Because your goodness is worth more than life,
my lips will praise you.

So I'll bless you as long as I live,
and I will raise my hands calling on your name.

(Salmo 63:3-4)

Blessed be God,
who did not reject my prayer
and he has not denied me his grace.

(Salmo 66:20)

Confession prayers

To the choir director. Psalm of David, when the prophet Nathan came to him, after David had been to Batseba.
Have mercy on me, hate, for your goodness;
in your great mercy cancel my misdeeds.

Wash me of all my iniquities
and cleanse me from my sin.

(Salmo 51:1-2)

Incline my heart to your testimonies
and not greed.

Take my eyes away from contemplating vanity
and let me live in your ways.

(Salmo 119:36-37)

You, O LORD, do not refuse me your mercy;
may your goodness and your truth always keep me!

For countless evils surround me;
my sins weigh on me
and I can't look at them anymore.
They are more numerous than the hair on my head
and my heart fails!

(Salmo 40:11-12)

Song of pilgrimages.
O LORD, I cry to you from deep places!

lord, hear my cry;
may your ears be attentive to my cry for help!

If you take into account the faults, lord,
who can resist?

But with you is forgiveness,
so that you are feared.

(Salmo 130:1-4)

Help us, O God of our salvation, for the glory of your name;
deliver us, and forgive our sins, for your name's sake.

(Salmo 79:9)

Prayers for help and protection

Save us with your right hand and answer us
so that those you love be set free.

(Salmo 60:5)

You, LORD, you will protect them,[our enemies]
you will keep them from these people forever.

(Salmo 12:7)

To the choir director. For string instruments. By Davide.
Hate, hear my cry,
be attentive to my prayer.

From the ends of the earth I cry to you, with a broken heart;
you lead me to the rock that is too high for me;

for you have been a refuge for me,
a fortified tower in front of the enemy.

I will live in your tent forever,
I will take shelter in the shadow of your wings.

(Salmo 61:1-4)

David's prayer.
Pay attention, LORD, and answer me,
because I am poor and needy.

(Salmo 86:1)

lord, free my soul from lying lips,
from the deceiving tongue.

(Salmo 120:2)

Have mercy on us,
LORD, have mercy on us,
because we are more than satisfied with contempt.

Our soul is more than satisfied with the scorn of the proud and the contempt of the proud.

(Salmo 123:3-4)

To the choir director. Psalm of David.
O LORD, since I have trusted in you,
fa’ that I am never confused;
for your justice deliver me.

Give me your ear; hurry to free me;
be a strong rock for me, a fortress where you bring me to safety.

You are my rock and my fortress;
for your name's sake lead me and lead me.

Pull me out of the net that they secretly set me up;
for you are my bulwark.

Into your hands I place my spirit;
you redeemed me, O LORD, God of truth.

(Salmo 31:1-5)

O my strength, I will turn to you,
because God is my refuge.

My God will come to meet me with his goodness.
God will show me what I want on my enemies.

(Salmo 59:9-10)

Have mercy on me,
hate, have mercy on me,
because my soul seeks refuge in you;
and in the shadow of your wings I take refuge
until the danger has passed.

(Salmo 57:1)

Have mercy on me, O LORD, because I'm exhausted;
heal me, O LORD, for my bones are all trembling.

Even my soul is all trembling;
and you, O LORD, until?…

Come back, O LORD, set me free;
salvami, for your mercy.

(Salmo 6:2-4)

But you want the truth to reside within:
therefore teach me wisdom in the secret of the heart.

(Salmo 51:6)

My heart beats violently inside me
and a mortal fear fell upon me.

Fear and trembling invade me,
and I'm in a panic;

and I say: «Oh, I had wings like a dove,
to fly away and find rest!

here, I would run away,
I would go to live in the desert;

I'd hurry to shelter myself from the raging wind and storm ".

But you, hate, you will bring these down to the grave;
bloodthirsty and fraudulent men
they will not make it to the middle of their days;
but I will trust in you

(Salmo 55:4-8, 23)

On the day of fear,
I trust in you.

You count the steps of my wandering life;
collect my tears in your skin;
maybe you don't record them in your book?

On the day that I call upon you, my enemies will retreat.
I know that God is for me.

... because you saved my soul from death,
you saved my feet from falling,
for me to walk, before God, in the light of the living.

(Salmo 56:3, 8-9, 13)

Ergiti, O LORD! Hate, raise your hand!
Do not forget the poor.

Because the wicked despise God?
Because he says in his heart: «He will not ask for an account?»

Instead you saw; for you take into account wickedness and abuse
and then repay with your hand.
The miserable is abandoned to you;
you are the support of the orphan.

O LORD, you grant the desire of the humble;
you strengthen their hearts, incline your ear

to do justice to the orphan and the oppressed,
so that man, which is made of earth, cease to frighten.

(Salmo 10:12, 14, 17-18)

I am miserable and afflicted;
your rescue, hate, bring me to safety.

(Salmo 69:29)

For those you love to be set free,
save us with your right hand and listen to us.

(Salmo 108:6)

Ergiti, O LORD, salvami, my God;
for you have struck all my enemies on the cheek,
you broke the teeth of the wicked.

(Salmo 3:7)

Salvami, hate,
because the waters have penetrated to my soul.

I sink into a quagmire without finding support;
I slipped into deep water, and the current overwhelms me.

I'm tired of screaming, my throat is parched;
my eyes go out waiting for my God.

More numerous than the hairs on my head are those that hate me for no reason;
powerful are those who want to destroy me
and who are wrongly my enemies;
I had to deliver what I hadn't stolen.

(Salmo 69:1-4)

set me free, LORD, by the evil man;
protect me from violent man,

from all those who plot wickedness in their hearts
and they are always ready to go to war.

They sharpen their tongues like the snake,
they have a viper poison under their lips. [Pause]

Preservami, LORD, from the hands of the wicked,
protect me from violent man:
they plotted to make me fall.

(Salmo 140:1-4)

As long as I have anxiety in my soul
and the trouble in the heart all day?
Until the enemy rises above me?

Look, answer me, O LORD, my God!
Illuminate my eyes so that I do not fall asleep in the sleep of death,

lest my enemy say: "I won it!»
and let my adversaries not rejoice if I falter.

As for me, I trust in your goodness;
my heart will rejoice in your salvation;
I will sing to the LORD because he has done me good.

(Salmo 13)

protect me, hate, because I trust in you.

(Salmo 16:1)

Volgiti to me, and have mercy on me,
because I am alone and afflicted.

The anguish of my heart has increased;0249_1%20Sam_161800[1]
free me from my troubles.

See my grief and my grief,
perdona tutti i miei peccati.

Guarda i miei nemici, perché son molti;
mi odiano d’un odio violento.

Proteggimi e salvami;
fa’ che io non sia confuso,
perché in te confido.

L’integrità e la rettitudine mi siano d’aiuto,
perché spero in te.

(Salmo 25:16-21)

Have mercy on me, O LORD, perché sono tribolato:
l’occhio mio, l’anima mia, le mie viscere si consumano di dolore.

La mia vita vien meno per l’affanno,
i miei anni svaniscono nel pianto;
la forza m’è venuta a mancare per la mia afflizione,
si logorano tutte le mie ossa.

Because of my enemies I have become a disgrace,
a great disgrace to my neighbors, and a scare for my acquaintances.
Whoever sees me outside runs away from me.

I am completely forgotten, like a dead man;
I am like a broken vase.

Because I hear the slanders of many,
everything frightens me around me,
while they are advised to my detriment
and they contemplate taking my life.

But I trust you, O LORD;
I said: "You are my God".

My days are in your hands;
deliver me from the hand of my enemies and my persecutors.

Fa’ let the light of your face shine on your servant;
save me for your kindness.

(Salmo 31:9-16)

Hate, don't go away from me;
my God, hurry to help me!

(Salmo 71:12)

Your God has decreed your power;
confirmation, hate, what you did for us!

(Salmo 68:28)

LORD, put a guard in front of my mouth,
guard the door of my lips.

Don't incline my heart to any evil thing,
to commit evil deeds with evildoers;
and makes’ that I do not eat of their delights.

(Salmo 141:3-4)

LORD, hear my prayer, listen to my pleas;
in your faithfulness and in your righteousness, answer me,

and do not sue your servant,
because no living thing will be found right in front of you.

(Salmo 143:1-2)

Help me, O LORD, my God, save me by your grace,

and know that this is the work of your hand,
who are you, O LORD, that you did it.

(Salmo 109:26-27)

Answer me, LORD, because your grace is beneficial;
turn to me in your great mercy.

Do not hide your face from your servant,
because they are in danger; hurry to answer me.

Get closer to my soul, and redeem it;
deliver me because of my enemies.

(Salmo 69:16-18)

I have told the LORD: «You are my God!»
Pay attention, O LORD, at the cry of my supplications.

Hate, lord, you are the force that saves me,
you protected my boss on the day of battle.

Do not give to the wicked
what they want, O LORD;
do not go along with their designs, so that they are not exalted.

On the heads of those around me
let the perversity of their lips fall!

(Salmo 140:6-9)

Prayer of the afflicted one when he is downcast and let out his tears before the LORD.
LORD, hear my prayer and my cry reaches you!

Do not hide your face from me on the day of my misfortune;
turn your ear to me;
when I'm inviting,
hurry to answer me.

(Salmo 102:1-2)

Be attentive to my cry,
because I am reduced to extremes.
Free me from my persecutors,
because they are stronger than me.

Free my soul from prison,
for me to celebrate your name.
The righteous will triumph with me,
because you will have filled me with goods.

(Salmo 142:6-7)

LORD, lower your skies and come down;
touches the mountains a ago’ that they smoke.

Fa’ flash the lightning and disperse my enemies.
Shoot your arrows and put them on the run.

Hold out your hands from above,
save me and deliver me from the great waters,
from the hand of foreigners

(Salmo 144:5-7)

LORD, let me live for your name's sake;
in your justice deliver my soul from tribulation!

In your goodness destroy my enemies,
fa’ to perish all those who oppress my soul,
because I am your servant.

(Salmo 143:11-12)

In my distress I called upon the LORD;
the LORD answered me and brought me to safety.

The LORD is for me; I will not fear;
what can man do to me?

The LORD is for me, among my rescuers,
and I will see how much I desire on my enemies.

(Salmo 118:5-7)

Prayers of hope and trust

You also gave me the shield of your salvation,
your right hand held me,
your goodness has made me great.

You have widened the way in front of my steps
and my feet have not wavered.

(Salmo 18:35-36)

A te, O LORD, I raise my soul.

my God, in you I trust; fa’ I'm not disappointed,
may my enemies not triumph over me.

None of those who hope in you are disappointed;
be confused those who behave treacherously for no reason.

O LORD, let me know your ways,
teach me your paths.

Guide me in your truth and teach me;
for you are the God of my salvation;
I hope in you every day.

Remember, O LORD, of your compassion and your goodness,
because they are eternal.

Do not remember the sins of my youth, nor my transgressions;
remember me in your mercy,
for your goodness's sake, O LORD.

(Salmo 25:1-7)

My heart tells me from you: «Seek my face!»
I seek your face, O LORD.

(Salmo 27:8)

But I will always hope,
and to all your praises I will add others.

(Salmo 71:14)

But you, O LORD, you are a shield around me,
you are my glory, the one who lifts my head.

(Salmo 3:3)

All who trust in you will rejoice;
they will shout for joy forever.
You will protect them, and those who love your name will rejoice in you,

because you, O LORD, you will bless the righteous;
as a shield you will surround him with your favor.

(Salmo 5:11-12)

Remember your word to your servant,
with which you made me hope.

This is a comfort to me in affliction,
that your word makes me live.

(Salmo 119:49-50)

I invoke you, because you fulfill me, hate;
incline your ear towards me,
listen to my words!

Show me the wonders of your goodness, or you who with your right hand save those who seek refuge away from their adversaries.

Take care of me like the apple of the eye,
hide me, in the shadow of your wings

As for me, for my justice,
I will contemplate your face;
I will be satisfied, when I wake up, of your presence.

(Salmo 17:6-8, 15)

May your goodness reach me, O LORD,
and salvami, according to your word;

and I will have something to answer to those who offend me,
because I trust in your word.

(Salmo 119:41-42)

Because your goodness is worth more than life,
my lips will praise you.

So I'll bless you as long as I live,
and I will raise my hands calling on your name.

My soul will be satiated as with marrow and fat,
and my mouth will praise you with joyful lips.

I remember you in my bed,
I think of you in the night watches.

Because you have been my help,
I rejoice in the shadow of your wings.

My soul binds itself to you to follow you;
your right hand supports me.

(Salmo 63:3-8)

My eyes are on you, hate, lord;
in you I take refuge,
do not abandon my soul.

Save me from the snare they have laid for me
and from the snares of evildoers.

Let the wicked fall into their own nets,
while I will pass by.

(Salmo 141:8-10)

If I walk in the midst of difficulties,
you give me back my life;
you stretch out your hand against the anger of my enemies
and your right hand saves me.

(Salmo 138:7)

Send your light and your truth,
to guide me,
lead me to your holy mountain and to your dwellings.

(Salmo 43:3)

Protect my soul, because I love you.
my God, save your servant who trusts in you!

(Salmo 86:2)

Satisfy us in the morning with your grace,
and we will rejoice, we will rejoice all our days.

Rejoice us in proportion to the days you have afflicted us
and the years we have suffered tribulation.

(Salmo 90:14-15)

When my heart was bitter
and I felt internally pierced,

I was foolish and without intelligence;
I was in front of you like a beast.

But also, I always stay with you;
you took me by the right hand;

you will guide me with your advice
and then you will welcome me in glory.

Who do I have in heaven but you?
And on earth I want only you.

My flesh and my heart can fail,
but God is the rock of my heart and my share of the inheritance, forever.

(Salmo 73:21-26)

But you, lord, you are a gracious and merciful God,
slow to anger and great in goodness and in truth.

Volgiti to me, and have mercy on me;
give your strength to your servant
and save your servant's son.

(Salmo 86:15-16)

You are my refuge and my shield;
I hope in your word.

(Salmo 119:114)

I will recall the wonders of the LORD;
Yup, I will remember your ancient wonders,

I will meditate on all your works and think back to your deeds.

Hate, kills him life his health;
which God is great as our God?

You are the God who works wonders;
you have made known your strength among the peoples.

(Salmo 77:11-14)

Hate, you are awful from your sanctuary!
The God of Israel gives strength and power to his people.
Blessed be God!

(Salmo 68:35)

In the morning let me hear your goodness,
perché in te confido;
let me know the way forward,
since I raise my soul to you.

Free me from my enemies, LORD;
I seek refuge in you.

Teach me to do your will,
for you are my God,
your benevolent spirit guide me on level ground

(Salmo 143:8-10)

LORD, you have examined me and you know me.

You know when I sit and when I get up,
you understand my thoughts from afar.

You scrutinize me when I walk and when I rest,
and know in depth all my ways.

Since the word is not yet on my tongue,
that you, LORD, you already know it fully.

You surround me, you stand in front of me and behind me,
and lay your hand on me.

The knowledge you have of me is wonderful,
too high for me to get there.

Where could I go away from your spirit,
where I will flee from your presence?

If I go up to heaven you are there;
if I go down to the living room of the dead, here you are.

If I take the wings of dawn
and I go to live at the edge of the sea,

there too your hand will lead me and your right hand will take hold of me.

If I say: «Certainly the darkness will hide me
and the light will become night around me ",

the darkness itself cannot hide anything from you
and the night is as clear to you as day;
darkness and light are equal to you.

You were you who created my inmost,
you wove me in my mother's womb.

I will celebrate you, because I was beautifully made.
Your works are wonderful,
and my soul knows it very well.

My bones weren't hidden from you,
when I was formed in secret
and woven in the depths of the earth.

Your eyes saw the shapeless mass of my body
and in your book they were all written
the days that were destined for me,
when as yet there was none of them.

Oh, how precious your thoughts are to me, hate!
How big is their whole!

If I want to count them, they are more numerous than sand;
when I wake up I'm still with you.

sure, you will kill the wicked, hate;
therefore turn away from me bloodthirsty men.

They speak against you wickedly;
your enemies use your name to support the lie.

LORD, I don't hate those who hate you?
And I don't hate those who rise up against you?

I hate them with a perfect hatred;
I consider them my enemies.

Examine me, hate, and know my heart.
Test me and know my thoughts.

See if there is any unfair way in me
and guide me on the eternal way.

(Salmo 139)

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