If God is good, why is there suffering?

4E0EFA18-3B00-4D88-B18F-BA5A1E867E6C_mw1024_s_n[1]All, one day or another, they have to deal with their own suffering or that of those close to them. Here then is the laceration: everything collapses. And the question arises: "Why?" and especially "Why to me? What have I done wrong?». There is a strong feeling of humiliation or a great desire for rebellion that can take us away from God.

Totally human and normal reaction, because man is not made for suffering. That, interrupting the smooth progress of our life and making a breach in our heart, it comes to reveal the inner thirst for happiness that inhabits each of us. At bottom, suffering touches the deepest mystery of our being, and it comes to remind us of the good for which we are all created (happiness) and of which we are deprived. It manifests itself, indeed, like a lack.

This is why we cannot accept it spontaneously, because in itself it is unacceptable. It scares us and we reject it because we are made for life. At the same time, we are taken beyond fear, in a kind of shyness and respect e, deeper still, of compassion. and yet, despite what we can do concretely, we remain unarmed. Why suffering, mine and that of others, it touches that mystery which is so close to me because it is in me and at the same time beyond me: the mystery of man, the mystery of evil and its roots that sink into history and the human soul…

Then, in fact, it is to God that we placeor the question of why, to God as Creator and Lord of the world. And there is a strong temptation to suspect that God is the author of evil: “If God were good, would not allow, it wouldn't do that…». At bottom, these problems, these uncertainties express what happens after the original sin: God hasn't changed, we are the ones who have changed.

But maybe we can find out something, looking to the One who saved us from evil:

"Come to me.", you all, that you are fatigued and burdened, and I will refresh you… learn from me… and you will find refreshment for your souls " (Mt 11,28-29).

E’ one of the words of Jesus, and of Him it is written in the Bible: «He took charge of our sufferings, he took on our pains " (Is 53, 4). He who was unjustly put to death, so that "By his wounds we were healed" (Is 53, 5).

What his life teaches us and how much of him belongs to the Gospel? He is not an executioner God the one that comes close to us, but a humble God, "Suffering servant", which comes to completely marry the condition of man with his suffering, to console us and help us carry ours.
“God did not come to suppress suffering, did not come to explain it, but he came to fill it with his presence ", says writer Paul Claudel.

And this up to its deepest roots.

Christ goes further: offers his suffering to save us, and with his offers all ours, thus opening up a path of life for us. And he invites us to learn from him. So did this girl's 18 years, diabetic: «Jesus loves us and does not allow us to be burdened with too heavy a suffering. He trusts us and makes us share his mission, which is to lead everyone back to the Father. E’ an immense joy to participate in a mission whose director is God! ».

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