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The Bible contains contradictions

question: "The Bible contains errors?"If we read the Bible without prejudice, we will find a coherent book that is easy to understand and interpret. Of course there are difficult passages and verses that seem to contradict each other but we must

Homosexuality, Science and Faith

Can God truly condemn a born human being "different" for nature? Homosexuality is condemned by Christians ... but how can one blame a person born like this by nature? It's like condemning a disease that doesn't depend on us, come…

Reason and Science

The Revelation Religions are born and develop around revelations. They attest a divine involvement in human affairs. The gods are showing interest in the man, sometimes to death to free us from evil and death…

Sects and false doctrines

to P care. Castellina È giusto dire che un'altra religione è in errore? It is fair to say that a religious group that also claims to be a Christian, It is a cult that tricks its members ruining their temporal and eternal life?…

Noah's Ark

Noah had to welcome all the "species" of his time. The number of animal species at that time, however, was most likely less important than is generally assumed (see point 6. "Biology tells ..."). The…

The Great Flood

"Then God said to Noah,: 'I have made up my mind: the end of all flesh has come, for the earth, because of them, It is filled with violence; here, I will destroy them together with the earth. '" (Genesis 6:13 - P) - "And it happened, on the seventh day, that the…

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