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Cults and Sects

Sects and false doctrines

to P care. Castellina È giusto dire che un'altra religione è in errore? It is fair to say that a religious group that also claims to be a Christian, It is a cult that tricks its members ruining their temporal and eternal life?…

Because Pentecostals say “pace”?

Dear sister in Christ, Pentecostals because they exchange greetings with "pace" and they do not say amen and amen? I honestly could not tell you, but there is nothing wrong with saying "Peace" as long as you really mean it, o amen instead of amen.…

The dangers of Yoga

Yoga is a technique that tends to be achieved by ascetic and psychic means, the control of vital functions, perfect mastery of the body and finally unity with the very essence of the person. This lexicon definition applies…

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