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Hominids and Man

I fossili umani Quando pensiamo all'evoluzione umana, pictures and statues immediately come to mind, which we often see in museums and books and which depict something halfway between man and ape. Such beings, in…

The Atheism is a religion

L'Ateismo è una religione vera e propria, even contradictory. Atheists believe and affirm with certainty that God does not exist, although there is no scientific evidence to ascertain this. Il loro Credo Non esiste nessun Dio, ma parlano

Atheists who flunk Darwin

Antonio Pozio appeared in Avvenire on 01/04/10 In an editorial signed by Andrea Lavazza, l'Avvenire comments on the essay by Fodor and Piattelli Palmarini. Their book, released in February, made noise in the Anglo-Saxon world. E…

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