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A good version of the Bible

ciao, Finally an intelligent person ! I too, like so many, have emerged from the sect of jehovah's witnesses. but one realizes the mistake only when you come out of it. (UNFORTUNATELY). I don't want to ask you any questions but only receive from you…

Because they believe the Bible?

di William W. Orr Sommario È ragionevole La sua composizione meravigliosa La sua completezza unica I suoi insegnamenti senza paralleli Il suo appello perenne La sua esattezza scientifica Le sue profezie adempiute

By John Wycliffe Bible

Wyclif is a true reformer, that had not happened, however,, because the reforms he proposed were united in ecclesiological errors and Eucharistic and violent controversy. What is certain is that Wyclif, in his criticism of the Church of the time, to…

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