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ciao, Finally an intelligent person ! I too, like so many, have emerged from the sect of Jehovah's Witnesses. but one realizes the mistake only when you come out of it. (UNFORTUNATELY). I do not want to ask you any questions but only to receive advice from you : if you can help me choose a good version of the bible. thank you and God bless you ! prov. 10:22

Go to "clcitaly" or "the house of the bible" (both well-stocked online stores). Any version is good, from Mc Arthur, alla Thompson (Study Bibles). Then there are also the cheaper ones for reading. The Good News, The Biblical Society of Geneva, the New Bible, the New Revised. See for yourself, they are all very good bibles. The only thing I recommend is to take a large print, otherwise your eyes will be tired 🙂

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