The bans Jehovah's Witnesses


Jehovah's Witnesses living in a prison of rules that the Watchtower Society pretends to be willed by God. Some of these rules are truly absurd and devoid of both logical and theological sense.

Jehovah's Witnesses:

  • They cannot salute the flag. (Salvation 1939 p. 253; JW 1/7/77 p. 415)
  • They can't buy, accept or hold any religious object or symbol, nor wear it (JW 1/11/72 p. 647, 648; Sv 22/2/77 p. 28/30; Ks. 91 p. 85)
  • Don't eat mortadella or frankfurters (Blood, medicine and God's law, 1969, p.12)
  • They cannot in any way participate in any activity promoted by religious organizations such as funeral services (JW 1970 p. 735 e 1/7/68 p. 413; Minutes of 7/3/86)
  • They cannot attend weddings, baptisms, confirmations etc., (JW 1/10/61 p. 607 e 15/7/65 p. 444; circular 6/7/79; Ks. 91 p. 95)
  • They can't celebrate Christmas, Easter, birthdays or name days, mother's Day, of dad, on the day of St.. Valentino, on May 1st, the dead (JW 1/12/68 p. 735 e, 15/12/91 p. 4;Sv. 8/10/56 pp, 24-26;Yearbook 1976 p. 146; Ks. 91 p. 95)
  • The birth of Christ cannot be remembered (“The truth that leads to eternal life”, 1968 p.447)
  • You can't celebrate a birthday (JW 1/9/92 pp. 30-31; brochure, “Jehovah's Witnesses and the school”, pp 17-18).
  • You can't celebrate Father's Day and Mother's Day (brochure, “Jehovah's Witnesses and the school” p. 21; Sv.8 / 10/56 pp.24-26; “We reason …”, p.150).
  • You cannot participate in school elections and be a class leader (brochure, “Jehovah's Witnesses and the school”, p. 16).
  • You cannot work in companies that produce Christmas items (Km 3/1974; for a detailed analysis of the work that Jehovah's Witnesses may or may not do, we recommend reading the aforementioned Kingdom Ministry (Km) and that of 10/1976)
  • They cannot work in a bar or in a shop where tobacco is sold, lottery tickets and football pools coupons (JW 15/3/73 p. 163; Sv. 22/12/75 pp. 26, 27; Km. 3/74 e 10/76)
  • They cannot accept blood and, until recently, they could not accept transplants or vaccines of any kind, nor eat in aluminum containers. (The Golden Age, 30/1/35 p. 269; Consolation, 31/5/39 p. 3; JW 15/7/61 p. 447; Km. 11/90)
  • They cannot use fertilizers, feeding your pet food containing blood or giving it transfusions, buy plywood that has been prepared with blood-based glue, work where blood is used, for example, animal blood as fertilizer (JW 1/11/64 p. 639; 1/5/65 p. 282; Sv. 22/2/63 p. 24)
  • You cannot eat an animal that has been killed but not properly bled (“The truth that leads to eternal life”, 1968 p. 166)
  • They cannot accept religious literature from other denominations, they can only read their own (JW 15/8/84 p. 31, 15/3/86 p. 12; Km. 1/86 p. 4 § 7)
  • They cannot play cards even if the stake is a few cents (Sv. 8/12/75; Km. 10/70, 8/74)
  • They cannot engage in any political activity, to be the mayor or something else, or participate in school elections (Sv. 22/11/74 pp. 13/16; Circular of the 6/7/79 e 8/1/79)
  • They cannot eat Easter eggs, hares and easter rabbits (Sv. 22/3/86 p.7)
  • They cannot attend university (even secondary school first). (JW 15/8/53 p. 160, 15/9/71 p. 574; Sv. 8/11/69p. 15, 22/11/71 p. 8; letter of 7/12/85)
  • They cannot take headache pills frequently (JW 15/8/78 p. 32; Letter of 7/12/85)
  • They can not (sometimes) return to some people to discuss doctrinal issues, “it does not need to contend” (letter of 24/10/89)
  • They can't for research and studies, consult the Bethel library (letter of 5/10/83)
  • They can't if they nurse, give another witness a blood transfusion even if the doctor orders it (Letter of 12/9/80)
  • They cannot write and mail letters to newspapers without first having the elders read them (circular 25/1/90)
  • They cannot give personal speeches, but they must comply with the schemes provided by the Company (Circular of the 24/6/83)
  • They cannot blame the congregation for bringing an insolvent brother to court, but it is preferable to lose money; it is better to keep these shames hidden (JW 1955 p. 510, 15/11/86 p. 20, 15/1/91 p. 28; Ks. 91 p. 139)
  • They cannot send children to kindergarten (Circular of the 8/1/79)
  • They cannot be part of a jury (JW 74 p. 159/160; Sv. 8/5/79 p. 27/29)
  • They cannot criticize the Watchtower Society (JW 15/10/57 p. 621, 632; Qualify, 1963 p. 160; Ks. 91 p. 95)
  • They cannot toast, cheers (JW 1/10/68 p. 607, 15/4/94 p. 28; Sv. 8/6/85 p. 27)
  • They cannot wish “salute” a chi starnutisce (Sv. 2273/63 p. 31)
  • They cannot play chess and collect stamps (Sv. 22/12/71 p. 16, 8/9/73 p. 12, 8/1/95 p. 16)
  • They cannot be interviewed and provide information on the organization without being previously authorized by the Company (Circular of the 25/1/90)
  • They cannot drink certain types of wine (Sv. 22/2/63 p. 24, 22/3/84 p. 30)
  • They cannot use some types of hair shampoo (Letter of 24/4/75)
  • They cannot play video games (JW 1/1/84 p. 30, 31)
  • Don't make a toast either “gin goblin” (JW, 01-10-1968, p.607; Sv. 8-6-1985, p.27)
  • Don't wear a beard (JW, 1-2-1976, p.85; JW 15/9/1968 pp. 575-576; JW 1/2/1976 p.85)
  • They can't see television novels on TV (JW 15/7/87 p. 19/20)
  • Classical dance cannot be practiced (JW 1/2/76 p.85)
  • They cannot have masks in the house for ornamentation (Sv. 8/8/95 p.24)
  • They cannot think because it is harmful (JW 15/1/68 p. 44)
  • In a Geovist wedding it is forbidden to put sugared almonds in favor bags, use the popular wedding marches, throw rice on the bride and groom (Km. 7/67; JW 15/8/61 p. 511, 1/9/69 p. 534)
  • They cannot marry an unbeliever (Ks. 91 p. 132)
  • E’ not recommended (it was once forbidden), the use of psychologists and psychiatrists (JW 1/6/78 p. 31/32; Sv. 8/8/60 p. 30)
  • E’ It is forbidden to recite the Our Father with people of another faith (SJ. P. 26, 27)
  • Preaching on the street, they cannot count as field service, the time taken to have a coffee or a snack (Km. 5/79, 9/88 p. 3)
  • I know, how do you work as a postman; attention, a Christian would be condemned if among the places where he delivers the mail there were some thieves' houses or a company that sells idols? (JW 1/1/83 p. 26)
  • Don't raise money for the world or for a given cause (JW 15/8/65 p. 488)
  • You cannot smoke a cigarette (JW 15-11-1973, pp.688-696)
  • Don't keep pictures of Saints, make a bonfire out of it (JW 15/7/75 p. 423; Sv. 8/8/74, p. 5; Yearbook 1973 p. 55)
  • One must not have friends who are not Jehovah's Witnesses (JW of 15/7/91 p.23; JW of 15/1/91 p. 27; JW of 15/4/93 pp.15-16; JW of 1/7/93 p. 22).
  • You cannot participate in extracurricular activities such as organized sporting activities (brochure “Jehovah's Witnesses and the school”, pp. 22-23).
  • Professional sports cannot be practiced (Everything 8-11-1986, p.17,18)
  • You cannot be an animator in a sports competition or a queen in a beauty contest (brochure, “Jehovah's Witnesses and the school”, p.23).
  • You cannot participate in student dances (brochure, “Jehovah's Witnesses and the school”, p.24).
  • You cannot recite the Our Father with people of another faith (brochure, “Jehovah's Witnesses and the school”, pp. 26-27).

But Christ freed us to make us live effectively in freedom. Be firm therefore in this freedom and do not go back to being slaves (Gal.5,1).

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  1. Milla dice

    the TDG Bible is modified (only in some verses, vero, but even a single verse should not be changed)

  2. vincenzo giannatiempo dice

    hey but these things are not true at all….whoever wrote these falsehoods should be ashamed…I live with relatives who are Jehovah's Witnesses and these things nn sn true whoever wrote these things to blame them should stab themselves and be done with it, you are hideous I feel sorry for you,you think they like to get up early in the morning to come and preach to you…they do what the church does not do and at least they are not pedophiles like priests…

    1. ChristianFaith dice

      Look dear, there are no falsehoods there are quotes from your very dear Watchtower SPA: find the books cited, brochures, etc, and check if these things are true. If you don't do this you will never know the truth!!! I assure you they are true, with YOU, to talk, you need to check first.

      1. vincenzo giannatiempo dice

        you are misinformed some sn true others sn phony and incredibly ridiculous what should I do I have to come where you live and show you how I eat and what I eat a wrustel and I always read the brochures

      2. ChristianFaith dice

        Those are quotes from their writings, do not be angry with me but with them, ok? The ban on eating wustels has probably been lifted recently, but that prohibition was once enacted, as their text says. But the others are still relevant!

  3. Sandro dice

    Invitation to the following reading, with due attention.

    4 Now this I say, so that no one deceives you with convincing words, 5 because, although it is absent from you with the body, yet I am with you in spirit and I rejoice in seeing your order and the firmness of your faith in Christ. 6 How then did you receive Christ Jesus, the Sir, so walk in him, 7 being rooted and edified in him, and confirmed in the faith as you have been taught, abounding in it with thanksgiving. 8 See that no one makes you his prey with philosophy and vain deception, according to the tradition of men, according to the elements of the world and not according to Christ, 9 for in him bodily dwells all the fullness of Deity. 10 And you have received the fullness in him, he being the head of every principality and authority, 11 in which you have also been circumcised by a circumcision done without a man's hand, but of the circumcision of Christ, through the stripping of the body of the sins of the flesh: 12 having been buried with him in baptism, in him you have also been raised up together, by faith in the power of God who raised him from the dead. 13 And with him God has quickened you, that you were dead in sins and in the uncircumcision of the flesh, forgiving you all your sins. 14 He annihilated the document made up of regulations, that he was against us and that he was our enemy, and took it out of the way by nailing it to the cross; 15 having therefore stripped of powers and principalities, made a public spectacle of it, triumphing over them in him. 16 So let no one judge you by food or drink, or with respect to parties, o ai of the new moon Saturday; 17 these things are a shadow of those to come; but the body is Christ's. 18 Nobody will rob you of the prize on a pretext of humility and worship of angels, based on things he hasn't seen, being recklessly puffed up because of his carnal mind, 19 and not sticking to the boss, hence the whole body, well fed and held together by the joints and joints, it grows with the growth that comes from God. 20 So if you died with Christ to the elements of the world, because you submit to precepts as if you were living in the world, Which: 21 "Do not touch, do not taste, do not handle ", 22 all things that perish with use, according to the commandments and doctrines of men? 23 These things do have some semblance of wisdom in voluntarily chosen religiosity, in false humility and harsh treatment of the body, but they have no value against carnal excesses. (Colossesi 2:4-23)

    Note the verse 16, with which the apostle says, with a word that beautifully defines how the Christian must contain himself in the face of this and any other analogous order of things. He doesn't say: «All these prohibitions or distinctions of food and drink, and all this variety of festivals, despise them! does not say, laugh at it! does not say: electrocute them! he says: No one will judge you as far as these things are concerned; in this order of facts, that is, do not give anyone the right or impose commandments on you, nor to utter even a word of judgment. It is to freedom that the Gospel calls you! “Stand therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made you free, and do not bow down again under a yoke of slavery ". (Galati 5:1) This from the apostle is a cry for freedom echoed in the realm of things of secondary importance. On the flag of this kingdom is therefore written in gold letters that: In unnecessary libertas, which is not from Augustine; but that even before being by Ruperto Meldenio, it was by Paul of Tarsus. And in the shadow of this flag it is not a man's commandment that can make law, but it is the individual conscience that becomes a law to itself. (Romans 14)

  4. Graziella Cogolati dice

    I understand they can't use shampoo and what they wash with<''''??? do not use aluminum containers?? and why = ^? Mom never used them all the time.
    but they can go to the toilet or that's too bad??? to clean themselves they will touch their genitals ,,, apriti cieloooo

    1. ChristianFaith dice

      And what can I tell you? I did not write these prohibitions, are quotes from The Watchtower itself. After each prohibition it is written, in brackets, where is it, in what booklet, year and page.
      Dice “some shampoo” in any case. And then that prohibition dates back to 1975, who knows, perhaps then they removed it to make room for another. However, most of the prohibitions on this list are still very relevant: all the jewels I know do not have birthdays, they don't do sports, they do not go to vote, they do not salute the flag, do not cheer, they do not eat rare meat, they don't do a lot of types of work, etc, etc. Perhaps that of the shampoo is no longer valid, or maybe yes, there will be some types of shampoos not suitable for them due to their chemical composition. If they eat frankfurters, I've never asked them this, maybe not everyone respects it, or perhaps that ban has been lifted.

  5. Milla dice

    I know many of Jehovah's Witnesses. on university I learned why there is a tendency not to do it. unfortunately they cannot dedicate the time due to it because their activities as a group and from house to house occupy a lot of their time, maybe several days of the week. I have had schoolmates who are Jehovah's Witnesses. certainly they cannot undertake impagnative studies because they either do one thing or do another. someone who reads will agree. I read the story of an African family in which the children have studied little just to devote themselves to the activities that their religion invites them to carry out and the parents were happy with this, they hoped they didn't study much for that very reason. the problem is not who is learning this religion today, but of T. Russel who invented it. dispassionate advice: it is useless to argue and have the bile burst (Vincenzo's post with the invitation to suicide is not that beautiful, It is true that those bans on eating have in the meantime abolished them and that today they celebrate Easter, only party allowed, I think). nobody earns it like that, rather. let Catholics enter here, Protestants or Jehovah's Witnesses, I would say it is better to seek friendly dialogue even if everyone will remain on his side. dwelling on what divides us sooner or later can do great damage. one posts his idea, if you like it is fine, if you don't like it, everyone will have the interpretation of the facts with which pé arrived here and will go his own way, without hard feelings (which have nothing Christian)

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