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Who are the Evangelical Christians?

Told many that they believe they are some kind of Jehovah's Witnesses or non-Christian people, I say that the Evangelicals, on the other hand, are pure Christians, those of the origins, those who preach the gospel and the Word of God as well as it do…

There are miracles?

Question:Ciao, is max and I am a believer of Catholicism although little practitioner (so 'we do angered Bishop. Tonini)My curiosity is whether esitono miracles, because the JWs don't believe it. We Christians strongly believe in…

The five Sola Reformation

Scripture alone: Scripture is the only authority The doctrine that the Bible is the sole supreme authority was the "formal principle" of the Reformation. In 1521 during Luther's historic interrogation at the Diet of Worms, he declared that the…

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