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What is true Christianity?

Christianity is not just an accessory support but it is fundamental, it is the basis for every person's life. It is not possible to do without it, even if only a few realize it. And this is the testimony: God gave us life…

Mary as Coredemptrix

The apparition of Mary often declares herself COREDENTRICE TOGETHER WITH CHRIST of humanity. THIS TURNS TO BE THE PRINTING PROOF THAT IT IS DEMONIC IN NATURE. Even the faithful rejoice in signing petitions to be sent to the Pope to declare the…

Apparition consequences

While the Marian apparitions can, sometimes, seem like insignificant stories told by children without culture who tell of experiences of encounters with a lady on a remote mountain, they have had a significant effect

The Mariani Posts

THE MARIAN MESSAGES ALL AIM TO MOVE AWAY FROM GOD because they go against his Word. Whoever hides behind to be credible uses the cross and Christ and claims to be sent by Him, but then he orders to build sanctuaries for the Madonna…

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