misconceptions and false teachings examined in the light of God's Word


200397018-001[1]Did you know that…

…The Apostle Peter was married? (Gospel of Matteo 8,14)
…and who they were also married other apostles and preachers of the Gospel? (1Letter to the Corinthians 9,5)

Did you know that…

…the bishop can marry and have children? (1a Letter to Timothy 3,2-5; Tito 1,6)

Did you know that…

…The doctrine of Jesus does not cover the second marriage, except for the spouse who is betrayed or loses a spouse? (Gospel of Matteo 19,9)
…who commits adultery, and why is sent away by spouse, can not remarry? (Gospel of Marco 10,11-12)

Did you know that…

…The New Testament contains everything you need to live the Christianity? (2a Letter to Timothy 3,14-17) and that anyone who would arrogate to himself the authority to change the teachings written in the Bible, even if it were a heavenly creature, It is cursed by God? (Letter to Galati 1,8-9)

Did you know that…

…the concept of the temple as “house of God” It was unknown to the Christians of the first century? (Acts of the Apostles 17,24)
and that the term “church” in the meaning of “place of worship” It was born only a few centuries after the 1st, while originally it meant only “assembly, group of people” (from the greek ekklesia)?

Did you know that…

…the figure of Mary, mother of Jesus, It has never been the object of worship or veneration, nor for the Apostles, nor for all the apostolic age Christians?
and that there is no reference in the New Testament as to make us think of having to give the divine attributes, such as the mediator between man and God, the latter role that competes exclusively to Jesus Christ? (1 Timoteo 2,5)

Did you know that…

…the term “santo” it means “separate, secluded”?
and that in the New Testament were called so all Christians? (Romans 1,7 – 1 Corinthians 1,2) since the conversion to Christ made them separate from the way of thinking and common life to the Gentiles?
is that, without prejudice to these assumptions, Today anyone who wishes to convert to Christ becomes for God a saint in the true biblical sense, no need to die and that they face after a few years “beatification”?

Did you know that…

…l'adultery, fornication and homosexuality have always been disapproved and condemned by God? (1 Corinthians 6,9)
and that the law of Moses provided for the immediate death penalty, while Christ is given to man a chance to repent, through conversion and the consequent change in their sexual behavior, before conviction of God on judgment day?

Did you know that…

…among the Ten Commandments there is one that prohibits the construction of man “images” or sacred sculptures in order to kneel before them and venerate? (Exodus 20,4-5)
and that transgression of this commandment meant the death penalty?

Did you know that…

…the translation of the Bible by Jehovah's Witnesses has arbitrarily added over 200 times, in the New Testament, the name “Jehovah” instead of “It gave” or “lord” (referring to Jesus)? In the original manuscripts in Greek, indeed, “Jehovah” never appears!

Did you know that…

…Maria, the mother of Jesus, He has had at least six other children after our Lord for the work of God the birth? The Gospel of Marco 6,3, eg, It gives the names of four males and females also quotes (the plural, we do not know if two or more than two), born from the relationship between Mary and her husband Joseph

Did you know that…

…Jesus is the author of salvation only potentially “for everyone”, but in fact only “for all those who obey Him”? (Letter to the Jews 5,8)

Did you know that…

…the distinction that is made in Catholicism between venial and mortal sins (i 7 Deadly sins) It is unknown to the Gospel, whereby any wrongdoing is sin, without distinction (1 Giovanni 5,17)?
…and that if we repent, we confess our sins to God and believe in the sacrifice of Jesus, Jesus himself promised that any sin will be forgiven, even the blasphemies? (Marco 3,28-29, see also 1 Giovanni 1,9)

Did you know that…

…Sunday remembrance of the death and resurrection of the Lord, to be done by taking the bread and wine (symbols of His body and His blood) It must be done by all Christians indiscriminately, while Catholicism does drink wine only for the priest?
…and that what the Bible is not called “Eucharist”, but “Lord's Supper”? And that is not a repetition of Christ's sacrifice, but a memorial? (1Letter to the Corinthians 11,20,24-26)

Did you know that…

…Christian people, according to the New Testament, It must not be divided into “priests” e “lay”, because this distinction has been made only in the centuries after the first, while the Word of God considers all true Christians “priests” in the sense of people who offer their lives and their praises to God? (Romans 12,1-2; 1 Pietro 2,9; Apocalypse 1,6)

Did you know that…

…Jehovah's Witnesses, in the past, They were wrong (although today try to forget it and hide it) several prophecies about the date of Christ's return, and the Scripture says that anyone who misses a prophecy is a false prophet by not listening for any reason? (Deuteronomy 18,22)

Did you know that…

…count prayers is a pagan practice that is severely condemned by Christ? (Matteo 6,5-13)
the Rosary, eg, It was introduced only in 1090, having been copied from that of the Mohammedans

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  1. Giuseppe dice

    Hi ChristianFaith. I wanted to ask you if the site listed at the end of the article (http://camcris.altervista.org) it is reliable, as I read from the site itself that it is a PENTECOSTAL evangelical site.

    Thank you.

    1. ChristianFaith dice


      Ciao! Thanks for letting me know… I actually published this article many years ago, taken from that site, even if it carries a more recent date here, since I had changed platforms. The site in question is in some respects reliable. But I changed and modified this article and I remove the reference link as I no longer carry it as it is. There are things, in the Pentecostal doctrines in fact, that we reformed do not share. Without prejudice, however, we must analyze everything and as the Bible says “Examine things and feel good”. So let's read it all and take what's right while leaving the wrong things aside.

  2. Alessio Rando dice

    Dearest ChristianFaith, you did this article very well. But I want to ask you something: could you explain to me the meaning of 1 Corinthians 3:15? Thank you!

  3. ChristianFaith dice

    Yes Alessio. The fire that Paul refers to is the fire of Christ that will return, he says it even before, it is not a purifying fire of Purgatory 🙂 Paul says that we must be careful about how the church of Christ is built, that only resistant materials (oro, diamonds, etc. valuable stuff metaphor) they will resist fire, while the others will be burned. Ma non vuol dire che chi non ha edificato con "materiali" of value I will not be saved, because he has always been washed by the blood of Christ by faith, then he will save himself from the fire (judgement) who burned the materials but saved him by making him escape death (eternal).

    1. Roberto45 dice

      I will not be able’ never understand how such arguments can be formulated.
      Faith consists in believing in absurd things, even without having any proof
      except what a dusty old book states.

      1. ChristianFaith dice


        What is a dusty book to you, for us it is the Word of GOD! I warn you, is the last comment that I approve of you, the others are all the same, polemics against Christianity… if you read well, before posting the comment, in the form where you enter your message, it is written to visit the page of the confession of faith. I do not ask to accept it but at least to respect it and to respect the Christian point of view (you are on a Christian site and not vice versa), which you are not doing by going to post comments that always say the same controversy under science and bible articles. This is intolerant and disrespectful behavior that I don't accept. E’ well written here not that I want controversy, the questions yes, in fact I have answered you several times, but when I see that despite the answers, the controversy continues, to intentionally want to offend our faith, I say that I am right when I say that the intent of atheists in general is to break the boxes. Make your life with your theory of evolution in mind, being sure that I will not come to disturb you or to want you to believe what I believe. With this I'm done with you.

      2. ChristianFaith dice

        Ah, you are also totally ignorant!! Christianity is amply proven by both history and archeology… not to mention the extra biblical sources written by pagans of the time, which speak of the resurrection of Christ!!! EMPIRICAL science (PROVEN) he has never been able to deny the biblical content, nor history! In addition, for us Christians there was contact, communion with God, what you, not having had it, you can not understand. So you are a prejudiced ignoramus about something you don't even know. Learn to be humble and study before making accusations!

      3. Roberto45 dice

        Blessed are you who have had the 'contact’
        me obviously (like many others) I was not deemed worthy.
        However I came to the conclusion that
        discussions are useless.
        With this I salute you and I promise you that I will not bother you’ more'.
        Your regards.

      4. Roberto45 dice

        Excuse one last question (totally free of controversy), if I'm not mistaken, I read in some of your answers that you are one of the 'chosen ones’ from God (you had the 'contact').
        Now I ask you : e’ God who chooses man
        or the man who must choose God.
        I honestly haven't understood this yet.
        Thank you if you want to answer me for the last time.


      5. ChristianFaith dice

        E’ God who chooses man, as it has always done throughout history, preferring certain people over others (Cain and Abel, Israel and not the rest of the world, the apostles, etc). E’ his sovereign decision, it may not save anyone since we are lawbreakers. I am not elected in the sense that I am better than another, I was simply pardoned thanks to HIS GIFT of faith (it depended on him, not from me and my ability to understand faith, it is He who chooses and illuminates). All Christians are elected, they are those who believed in Christ. See the theology section or the predestination and election tags.

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