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Considering the fact that most of the Marian sightings and paranormal phenomena (like the ufological ones) they can be explained in nature as phenomena of collective schizophrenia or real cheats to make money, as has happened in Medjugorje in recent years, for the very few cases in which the apparitions fail to find a sure logical reason, the explicit deception of the devil takes over, that not only operates in the world with real evil (atheism, lust, greed , etc.), but he knows human beings well, having lived among them for centuries and centuries, and knows their spiritual thirst for extraordinary signs (which Jesus had always denied) and for this he also uses the means of their credulity to mislead them.

Mary as Coredemptrix

The apparition of Mary often declares herself COREDENTRICE TOGETHER WITH CHRIST of humanity. THIS TURNS TO BE THE PRINTING PROOF THAT IT IS DEMONIC IN NATURE. Even the faithful rejoice in signing petitions to be sent to the Pope to declare the…

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