appearances, saints and miracles: what to think?


Many people make this argument a matter of being biased “catholic” O “evangelical”.It is one thing to talk about miracles, those that the Lord Jesus does, the most important of which is that of the new birth. If we want to speak instead of mystical phenomena, like madonnas crying, apparitions of deceased saints, blood of San Gennaro, but also in the non-Catholic field, people laughing, falling backwards, who screams etc.… there is no difference, in both cases we are dealing with phenomena “religious” and not divine.

Anyway, the Word of the Lord gives us the rules for examining what is happening around us. On the basis of these rules, and always with great humility on the part of each of us, we can take our stand.Very briefly:the message is much more important than the miracle: truth comes first, then, if someone works great things but then does not preach the Gospel we know, we don't have to believe him; the apostle writes: “But even if we or an angel from heaven announced you a different gospel than the one we announced to you, be anathema” (Galati 1:8)glory must go only to Jesus and not to others (whether they are alive or dead); “I am the Eternal; this is my name; I will not give my glory to another” (Isaiah 42:8)

the miracle must not serve to enrich anyone (it is clear that every ministry must be supported by free offerings, but nothing more than that)

the fruits must be of conversion, repentance, sanctification.

If these conditions are not there, or if the “miracle” it moves the believer's heart or worship to others other than God, we must seriously fear that someone (man or devil or both) hides behind the event.
And on the other hand, “No wonder it is, for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light” (2 Corinthians 11:14).

finally, regarding the life of holy men who have died today, we remember that for example of David it is written that “after serving the counsel of God in his generation, he fell asleep and was reunited with his fathers, and saw corruption“.
We can certainly follow suit, avoid his mistakes, remember his faith, but we must only serve God and with the knowledge that God gives us in his word.

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