Why get married?


In today's society, marriage is still important? Unlike centuries ago, a couple today can live together without getting married. But what are they missing?

Marriage is even more important today than it has been throughout history. Marriage was due first, now it's a choice. All the old arguments for marriage are, today, lapsed, and there is only one reason left to get married. We can eventually get married for four main reasons.

What were once good reasons for getting married are now completely irrelevant. Here are the classics “because”:

Because we can live together. This reason is no longer valid today because many couples decide to live happily together without getting married.

Because we can have children. This motivation has also lapsed as many couples have children and are excellent parents even though they are not married.

To solidify the relationship. This motivation is very romantic, it's like saying “We are getting married so that it becomes more difficult to get away from each other”. But there are divorces nowadays.

To make our relationship official. But that's just putting the affix “We are now officially married” and having a reception in a ballroom that makes the relationship official.

So what's left? If it's not living together, have kids, make a commitment or make it official and public, why get married?

There is only one reason.

Marriage is a divine relationship full of love. The love. Getting married means that something bigger than you binds you to the other and guides you. The act of marriage accomplishes something that cannot be achieved otherwise: God is introduced into the relationship.

As long as you are not married, the commitment made by a couple is a human commitment with all the limitations of the human being. We cannot predict the future, we cannot know what will change and what can happen and if we are wrong. God's blessing on the couple will make the union solid. So we get married not because we decided it but because it was God who wanted it. Without God's blessing, one cannot have a secure and sacred family. Only after marriage will your love be blessed with the divine eternal seal.

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