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Who is God?

Who is God? - Una evidenza Il fatto dell'esistenza di Dio è così evidente, both through creation and through the consciousness of man, that the Bible calls the atheist a "fool" ( Salmo 14:1 ). Consequently, the Bible never tempts…

The Bible contains contradictions

question: "The Bible contains errors?"If we read the Bible without prejudice, we will find a coherent book that is easy to understand and interpret. Of course there are difficult passages and verses that seem to contradict each other but we must

The Bible is sexist?

Question: Ciao, I have 21 years and I'm very slowly getting closer to Jesus. I'm asking a lot of questions, and what matters most to me is to ask an expert (you, in this case) it's how you can reconcile being a woman with what the Bible does…

A good version of the Bible

ciao, Finally an intelligent person ! I too, like so many, have emerged from the sect of jehovah's witnesses. but one realizes the mistake only when you come out of it. (UNFORTUNATELY). I don't want to ask you any questions but only receive from you…

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