The Bible contains contradictions


question: “The Bible contains errors?”

If we read the Bible without prejudice, we will find a coherent book that is easy to understand and interpret. Of course there are difficult passages and verses that seem to contradict each other but we must remember that the Bible has been written for about 40 different authors in a period of approx 1.500 years. Each author with a different style and from a different point of view and for a different audience and different purpose. It is therefore normal to find differences.

We often get questions like “Explain how these verses do not contradict!” O “Look, here is an error in the Bible!” sure, some of the things people come up with are hard to answer. however, it is our opinion that there are valid and intellectually plausible answers to every supposed contradiction and error of the Bible. There are books and websites available that list “all errors in the Bible”. Most people just get their ammunition from these places; they do not find alleged errors on their own. There are also books and websites available that refute each of these alleged errors. The saddest thing is that most people who attack the Bible aren't really interested in an answer. Many "biblical attackers" are also aware of these answers, but they keep using the same old shallow attacks over and over.

Then, what should we do when someone approaches us with an alleged biblical error? 1) Study the scriptures carefully and see if there is a simple solution. 2) Do some research using some of the beautiful Bible commentaries, “defense of the bible” books and biblical research websites. 3) Ask our pastors / church leaders to see if they can find a solution. 4) If there is still no clear answer after the steps 1), 2) e 3), we trust in God that His Word is truth and that there is a solution that simply has not yet been realized ( 2 Timoteo 2: 15 , 3: 16-17 ).

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