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Religions are born and developed around revelations. They attest a divine involvement in human affairs.

The gods are showing interest in the man, sometimes to death to free us from evil and death (Jesus). Although this is not attested in the same way in all religions, it is a universal fact. This phenomenon is evidenced by the cultures as revelation.

The involvement of gods in human affairs universally attested by religions is primarily a benevolent interest aimed at people; instructions and institutions are after and are always aimed at establishing proper relationships with the men so that the divine benefits reach them in full and effective.This phenomenon so is evidenced by the cultures as a religion.

The revelation in the general sense is the acquisition of knowledge of something that is beyond the ordinary cognitive ability. In a religious sense is a cognitive communication between the world of the gods and the world of men, is the communication that the divine world is getting involved in the human world in its history.

Reason and Revelation

To the claim of religions to claim a divine origin , Western philosophical culture introduced the concept of natural religion or natural revelation : a set of common beliefs and truth to all men that they can find out with the simple use of reason.

This would be a hypothetical natural revelation that every man receives from nature in his consciousness and that can 'recognize by reason alone. Proponents of this philosophy you believe in the right to take reason as the sole criterion of truth which surpasses and makes unnecessary the truths kept in culture using established themselves religions historically. Religions are partial and often contradictory truths and encrusted with infondate.Tale beliefs philosophy has its roots in the history of the western esoteric thought which assumes , since the Renaissance and about the Corpus Hermeticum of Hermes Trismegistus Philosopher, a Philosofia prisca et perennis revealed by God to Adam (in the most radical currents; Noah, Moses, according to other…) and rationally recognized, guarded, transmitted over the centuries by the great characters of philosophy ,Science and religion so’ as simple people of the people. The French Revolution will be the triumph of the philosophy and belief. CAN’ THE REASON FOR HUMAN BEING TAKEN AS ABSOLUTE TRUTH CRITERION’ ?

Human reason has also its history.

you do not find yourself nor is it possible to trace a pure reason : all are born and are formed in a culture, everyone has a story. If one accepts only that which is verifiable by reason would find nothing more than religious cultures: all that’ that in cultures would be sent back to a another revelation would be nothing but a vague recognition by the human reason of Natural Revelation . But in fact,, the only possible reason is that which is located in the real person ,that can not’ escape the culture in which she grew up, therefore’ even in case of recognition of Natural Revelation, They would have as many reasons as there are cultures.!!!

Can man know the Truth , It gave, by reason alone?

According to the Catholic Church '. E’ taught as a dogma of faith. DEI VERBUM-Vatican II The truths revealed 6. ”. The sacred synod that "God, beginning and end of all things, It can be known with certainty by the natural light of human reason from created things " (cf.. Rm 1,20); but it also teaches that it is about the divine revelation though "everything in divine things is not inherently inaccessible to human reason, can, Also in the present state of mankind, It is known by everyone easily, with firm certainty and with no admixture of error ".”…With the Divine Revelation, God chose to show forth and communicate himself and the eternal decisions of His will regarding the salvation of men, "That is, to make them share with them those divine treasures, that transcend the comprehension of the human mind…”

Divine Revelation is a knowledge which enables men to overcome the limit of ordinary knowledge possibilities of Truth.

Divine revelation does not negate the reason but enhances and illuminates.

All men by natural dowry through reason can arrive at some knowledge of God, but that historically has proven difficult , tortuous, if not ingannevole.Di done in history men they have been able to know with certainty God through divine revelation.

Divine revelation has proved an indispensable aid to human reason to introduce it in those divine treasures, that transcend the comprehension of the human mind.
Therefore, no conflict between reason and divine revelation but integration.

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