God created hell?


Hell is a place of suffering originally prepared by God for the devil and his angels (Matteo 18:9 ; 25:41). The word Hades (greco) e Sheol (Jewish) they are sometimes associated with hell.

Hell is made of fire and flames?

however, Hades/Sheol is simply the place or realm where people's spirits go when they die (see Genesis 37:35). Hades/Sheol is not necessarily a place of torment because God's people were said to go there as well as the wicked. In the New Testament, we find that Hades is somehow “compartmentalized”. That is, the realm of the dead is divided into a place of comfort and a place of torment ( Luca 16:19–31 ).

There are other words associated with hell in the Bible such as Gehenna and lake of fire . It is clear that there is a real place where the spirits of the unsaved go for eternity (Apocalypse 9:1 ; 20:15 ; Matteo 23:33 ).

Everything that ever was or is or will be was created by God, including hell (Colossesi 1:16). Giovanni 1: 3 dice:

“All things were made through him, and without him nothing was done that was done”.

Only God has the power to throw someone into hell (Luca 12:5). Jesus holds the keys to death and Hades (Apocalypse 1:18).

Jesus said it was hell “prepared” for Satan and demons (Matteo 25:41). It is a just punishment for the wicked. The hell, O lake of fire, it will also be the destination of those who reject Christ (2 Pietro 2:4–9).

The good news is that people can avoid hell. It gave, in His infinite mercy and love, he created a way of salvation for all who trust in the Son of God, Jesus Christ (Giovanni 3:16 , 36 ; 5:24 ).

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