Adam had another woman before Eve ?


No. Adam was the first man and Eve the first woman. You may wonder how all human beings were born of the two of them. The answer is –> who.

Adam and Eve lived approx 900 years and had many children over the course of their lives. At the time there was no incest and men lived long because the world was not corrupt, death had just been introduced by God into the world and they were close to the perfection of Creation. All the first men lived many centuries, up to Noah. We must not be prejudiced in believing this because today we live 80 years. We are talking about many thousands of years ago and the times in the era before the flood were very different, as was the earth's atmosphere, things worked perfectly, there were no genetic diseases, arrive later, everything was almost perfect. The world has been getting ruined since then, and it gets ruined more and more: just look around. For which, it is assumed that the many children they have had moved over the years and went to live in other places, they married among relatives. And this is not surprising, since even up to the Middle Ages (AND ALSO MUCH LATER) we got married between cousins.

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