What the bible says about masturbation?


ciao, what the bible says about masturbation i work on a construction site and i try to spread the gospel of christ as much as i can but among us bricklayers there are many questions that until now thanks to god i have been able to answer but i don't know what to say about this!it is part of fornication?it is part of adultery if one e’ married? bo I don't know

ashamed-wrongful-death[1]Ciao, the Bible on masturbation says nothing, it is up to the common sense of Christians to know that it is not a good thing… in what sense? In the sense that it is an act, not of love towards a husband or wife, but of selfishness for one's own pleasure. Second thing, not less important, this act would not be a sin if it were not accompanied by sinful thoughts. Jesus said "whoever looks at a woman to desire her has already committed adultery in his heart". This means that sin is already present in thought, even before acting. Having said that though, there is no need to make psychological terrorism about this thing. In my humble opinion it is not a serious thing if not usual or one “disease”. Masturbation would be the lesser evil than many much more serious sins. Unfortunately, the human being is a sinner (the same are the Christians) and he will find himself battling sin all his life, since it still lives in the flesh body. Only in the Kingdom of God will Christians be perfect because they will be completely purified from earthly sin, as long as we live on this world we will continue to commit some sins, we will fall into temptation. But Jesus forgives us every time if we repent and purifies us. Read about it Romans 7:14-25, the apostle Paul's discourse on sin (The Law of Sin: we are safe anyway, even if we commit sins, because faith in Christ has saved us). The difference between a saved Christian and an unsaved Christian is that the Christian struggles not to commit sin, and when it happens he destroys himself for having committed it and asks for forgiveness, while the unsaved human being, the unbeliever, he will continue undeterred in his sins, believing that they are nothing, rather, boasting of his many sins, shameless.

Prayer can certainly help us find serenity.

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