There are miracles?


Question:Ciao, is max and I am a believer of Catholicism although little practitioner (so 'we do angered Bishop. Tonini)My curiosity is whether esitono miracles, because the JWs don't believe it.

389215_10150740040332355_70630972354_9534653_1539816246_n[1]We Christians believe very much in miracles performed by God. Each of us can tell you about a miracle experienced directly or indirectly. I myself have testimonies of how God saved my incurable family members from illnesses. God works behind our intercessory prayers, the important thing is to address our prayers to him in the name of Jesus, and He listens to us. I don't know much about the position of the TDG on miracles, but to know them they probably don't believe it.


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