What language did Adam and Eve speak?


The Bible does not tell us what language Adam and Eve spoke . The only hint we have is when Adam called his wife “donna” because it was removed “by man” (Genesis 2:23). The Hebrew word for “man” is ish and the Hebrew word for “donna” is Ishah . But, before concluding that Adam and Eve spoke Hebrew due to this play on words, we should also note that there is a similar pun in English: man and woman are similar words. It is also possible that in Genesis Moses is simply giving a Hebrew equivalent of whatever language they spoke, just as the English versions give an English equivalent.

Another clue is found in Genesis 3:20: “The man called his wife Eve, for she was the mother of all living“. In Hebrew, the word for “Eva” and the word for “live” they have a similar sound. There is no equivalent in English. The English word Eve it sounds more like the end of something than the beginning. however, our word Eve comes from the Latin Eva, which sounds somewhat similar to the Hebrew word havvah , which sounds somewhat similar to the Hebrew word for “live”.

We really have no idea what language Adam and Eve spoke. The evidence in Genesis can easily be explained as a Hebrew translation of whatever the original language was. We also remember that a Babel the languages ​​were confused, and the “original language” it might have gotten lost there (Genesis 11). Even if the original language was a form of what we know today as Hebrew or some other Semitic language, languages ​​change over time. Fluent English speakers often have trouble with Shakespeare's Elizabethan English, which just has 400 years, not to mention Chaucer's Middle English, as soon as 150 years older. And the Old English of Beowulf, written about 350 years before Chaucer, it is hardly recognizable as English and must be translated to be understood by today's readers. It is very likely that whatever language Adam and Eve spoke is completely lost to us today, although it eventually morphed into what was called Hebrew in the time of Moses.

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