Maria, or the Apparition, and idolatry


madonna_of_civitavecchiaThe apparition of Mary invites the Faithful to commit the sin of idolatry by encouraging them to create and honor its graven images, and this sin is, everywhere in the Bible, strongly condemned by God.

Let's see one of the messages given to Don Stefano Gobbi:

As a mother I want to tell you that I am here with you, represented by the statue you have here. Each of my statues is a sign of one of my presences and reminds you of your heavenly Mother. Therefore it must be honored and placed in places of greater veneration… you should look at every image of your heavenly Mother with love.

Now let's see what Scripture says about it:

As you saw no figure on the day the LORD spoke to you in Horeb from the fire, take good care of yourself, so that you do not become corrupted and do not make any sculptures, the representation of some idol, the figure of a man or a woman … and also so that you do not feel attracted to prostrate yourself before those things and to offer them a worship (Deuteronomy 4:15-16, 19).

In addition to the second commandment on the images we find in Exodus 20:4-5

Don't make yourself sculpture, nor any image of the things that are in heaven above or on earth below or in the waters under the earth. Do not bow down to them and do not serve them, why me, the Sir, your God, I am a jealous God; I punish the iniquity of fathers over their children up to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me, and use goodness, up to the thousandth generation, towards those who love me and keep my commandments.


God always commands to pray only and exclusively to him, to no idol:


It should come as no surprise that idolatry is the sin against which God warns us in the end times. In the Book of Revelation it is written that while God is pouring out His judgments on unrepentant humanity, many will continue to worship idols and, Consequently, the demons that hide behind them:

The rest of the men who were not killed by these scourges, they did not repent of the works of their hands; they did not cease to worship demons and golden idols, silver, copper, of stone and wood, that they can neither see, nor hear, nor walk (Apocalypse 9:20).

Demons hide behind the idols (Is. 34:14) and to worship idols means to BE IN COMMUNION WITH THE DEMONS and to follow them.

Those who believe that these warnings found in the Bible only apply to the ancient times when Jesus lived are wrong, and for this reason they only referred to those who built gold and copper snakes and calves! The Bible is eternal and contains the teachings that apply to all times, you just need to know how to adapt them to today.

When God invites us not to be idols, his message is also valid today, it wouldn't have made sense to just enforce it earlier. And it is not correct to take from the Bible only what we like best!

The Bible is ETERNAL because God is Eternal, so also his word and his teachings:

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever! (Eb. 13,8)

here, I am with you every day, until the end of the world. (Mt. 28,19)

When speaking in Revelation of future times and the judgment to come, Christ exhorts us not to remain in communion with demons. We find, about "Babylon" (the "great prostitute", the "repository of demons"), that the faithful remnant of the last days is told:

“Get out of it, my people, so that you are not accomplices of his sins " (18:4).

It refers to an allegedly false church of the last times that has made itself a sinner of idolatry, bringing with it the elect. God urges us “to get out of it” because it will be judged and defeated.

Naturally, applying this principle today, we cannot say "Babylon" referring to the Babylon of antiquity. It would be absurd to say so. There is talk of the false systems that exist in Christianity today.

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  1. david dice

    the Marian cult

  2. alessandra.s. dice

    Dear friends,you have all the freedom

    1. Fransal dice

      Hello Alessandra ,Yes is' true what you say that the maria dell' appearance at said but in the meantime ago' transgress the second commandment of 10 per Dio ha una importansa non indifferente essendo geloso delle sue creature .Sai ci sono varie persone in questo mondo governato da satana che dicono delle belle cose a favore dell'umanita e' in front of cameras, finita l'intervista e' behind the scenes ago' tutt'altro e' of this me' born' you have to give notice ,there are people who love their children to the point of dying for them ,but' they kill the children of others, I have for money, I have for drugs ,etc… anche se questa apparizione predica il bene dell'umanita' sta portando l'uomo ha trasgredire il (2) according to the commandment that God gave, he must think that Mary is the mother of Jesus' did not know of this commandment read exodus 20 has you judge ,that which is' written read you want ,an old phrase. Hello God bless us

  3. ChristianFaith dice

    But you read what the Bible has? But he knew God and the teachings of Jesus

  4. alessandra.s. dice

    i'm sorry for you. i know the commandments well and also the bible. and i find that you can't compare the mother of god with satan…..he hates….the mother loves…and this

    1. ChristianFaith dice

      A s

    2. ChristianFaith dice

      Or that we are not saved by works but by the will of God who gives faith to his chosen ones?

      1. Alessio Rando dice

        Sorry ChristianFaith ma l' soul of Mary the mother of Jesus

      2. ChristianFaith dice

        sure, but even if

  5. 1adviser dice

    First of all, believers should not be confused about things said by God or imposed by God that are found in the Bible before the Gospel.. If we were to follow in detail everything said in the old testament then no one would save his life because God himself would wage war against us.. Quando Gesù venne non fu così aspro riguardo agli insegnamenti contro l'idolatria e se ci furono degli ammonimenti sono fatti contro l'idolatria più pericolosa fatta da coloro che non credono in Gesù. So let us keep in mind that there are two types of idolatry and therefore one permitted by the God of the Catholic Church (the Holy Father) and a more dangerous one of non-believing peoples. L'idolatria non è cosa buona ma quando questa si forma nella Santa Chiesa bisogna studiarne i motivi del perchè si è formata e cosa abbiamo fatto noi come credenti per fare emergere tale idolatria. Anche nella Chiesa Cattolica e nella sua forma di idolatria vi è un'idolatria peggiore quando questa diviene un mercato delle immagini proveniente da nazioni esterne all'Italia. Dunque più ci si sposta dalla preghiera e dalla costante fede e peggio sarà l'idolatria. L'idolatria della Chiesa Cattolica non porta disgrazie sul genere umano ma porta problemi. Such problems can be reflected at the political and economic level leading to corruption but such corruption always enjoys a blessing. Dunque si parla di una negatività che riesce a mantenersi ad un livello tale che anche l'esorcismo è ancora possibile. La Chiesa Cattolica potrebbe essere responsabile di non insegnare ai suoi figli come evitare l'idolatria quando si prega ma d'altro canto, not participating in the masses brings misfortune and misfortunes as a deterioration of the spirit. Per cui anche quando si pensa di essere dei ricchi cristiani in realtà si è poveri nell'anima. I protestanti servono anche al loro scopo e cioè quello di portare l'attenzione sul problema dell'idolatria, but….note well here…I mean attention and not aggression. Purtroppo i diavoli cristiani non riescono a fare più di tanto e quando sono diavoli credo che sia difficile convincerli che per rimuovere l'idolatria bisogna pregare nella Santa Chiesa e non guardare verso le statue. God also did some work in the Temple of Peace built in the city of Lavinium. In such a temple God teaches us how to pray. God has arranged the interior of the Church in a way that teaches everyone to understand what is right to do. Just apply in studies.

  6. 1adviser dice

    Have you ever noticed the change of colors in the paintings made by Michelangelo and other painters? Colors that should have been dark green change to light green. Dark red changes to light red? What does it mean? What is the message that God gives us? He God rejected the Holy Church while his painters painted dream images of a paradise to come? E sa la stesse rifiutando mentre da un'altra parte usava un'altro gregge perchè avrebbe accettato di fare dei dipinti nella Santa Chiesa e nelle sue premesse?

  7. Alessio Rando dice

    Dearest Christian Faith what you said

    1. ChristianFaith dice

      Thanks Alessio and welcome 🙂

  8. Alessio Rando dice

    Dear Catholic Brothers, how can you not understand? You have been deceived by the woman who appears and claims to be Mary, the mother of Jesus

  9. Daniele dice

    Dear Catholic friends and brothers,
    nobody here

    1. testimonial82 dice

      Hi Daniele I want to answer you:
      1)you believe in Mary but

    2. testimonial82 dice

      […] Any healthy influence of the Blessed Virgin towards men does not arise from necessity

  10. Alessio Rando dice

    I shudder at the very thought that I too, before the Lord Jesus

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