Because Pentecostals say “pace”?


Dear sister in Christ, Pentecostals because they exchange greetings with “pace” and they do not say amen and amen?

I honestly could not tell you, but there is nothing wrong with saying "Peace" as long as you really mean it, o amen instead of amen. Unfortunately I see that it is a Pentecostal custom, but also of many other evangelicals, give so much importance to appearance and always say "God bless you" "Peace brother", call all Christians evangelicals “brother” O “sister”, etc ... even to people who do not know each other, saying it too often to the point of being heavy and hypocritical. Personally, I prefer those who don't continually tell me these phrases, that sometimes even sound heavy to me, but he behaves with facts like a Christian demonstrating it rather than just saying it, and without continually judging the life of others. I also remember, that many, so many of these evangelicals who do this, obviously without wanting to generalize, they are also ready to take away the greeting in this case you should change your name!

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