How we need to pray?


"Likewise even, the Spirit helps us in our weakness, because we do not know how to pray as we ought:; but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans that words:» (Romans 8, 26)

In their own words

woman-praying-silhoutte[1]God can't stand prayers by heart, which befit the hypocrites and the Gentiles:

In praying do not keep on babbling like pagans, for they think they will be heard for their many words. Do not be like them, For your Father knows the things you need, before you ask him. (Matteo 6:7-8)

Prayer does not have to be preconstructed, but sincere and must come from the heart, for this it will be different every time you pray. We don't have to worry about words and stylistics, God cares what we tell him. He also already knows what we want to tell him even before we tell him.

You don't have to pray to be seen by others, but out of necessity with humility and submission, and with full confidence, even in solitude:

"When you pray, do not be like the hypocrites; for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by men. I tell you the truth that this is the prize that they. But you, when you pray, go into your room and, closed the door, pray to your Father who is in secret; and Father your, who sees in secret, you will reward. (Matteo 6:5-6)

Pray in the Spirit

The Holy Spirit prays for the intercessor. Because you can pray in three ways: through reasoning, con i feelings or for medium of the Spirit. When we pray with reasoning, we often repeat what others say, we use selected and excellent expressions. Such prayers have little effect. When it is the feelings that lead us to prayer, we lack firmness and our intercession is often a flash in the pan. But the victorious biblical prayer is that which is done through the Spirit. True prayer is produced by the Spirit of God. True prayer comes from God, passes through the intercessor to reach his goal, then return to God. God loves men deeply and with tenderness.

But the more a man sins, the more it is surrounded by powers of darkness. God speaks to him by means of sufferings or blessings, but he becomes less and less able to listen. God wants to save him, but the natural man, surrounded as it is by powers of darkness, he understands nothing of the things of the Spirit. Then, God is looking for someone! Lead? Let's read what is written in Ezekiel 22, 30:

«And I looked for someone among them who would repair the walls and stand in the breach in front of me in favor of the country, but I didn't find it. "

What a tragic finding! Because this text shows us that the living God can be placed in the situation of diverting destruction from the sinner, if there are men willing to hold on to the breach in front of him and form a wall themselves. But it doesn't find any! And if you find out what happens? As soon as a child of God enters the breach and becomes a wall for the sinner who is handed over to God's judgment, God begins to employ such an intercessor as a channel. The Holy Spirit begins to sigh through the intercessor. Through him he sends torrents of light into the darkness where this sinner is. Through the intercessor, God blesses those who do not want to know about his blessing. As a result, the sinner is troubled, comes to light and begins to listen. The Holy Spirit convinces him of sin and this sinner finds Jesus. I tell you with great insistence that for a long time God has been looking for you as an intercessor, but it does not find you. You don't have time! Oh, if you could realize how the living God could act unlimitedly through you, if only you became an intercessor. This reproach is addressed to you: I'm looking for a man but can't find him. You speak piously, shake hard, you are very active, but don't pray. Right around you, precious souls go to eternal condemnation, in an eternity without Christ, because you don't pray. Your family, your children, they will never know Jesus unless you become a spiritual intercessor.

The apostle James says: "You don't have why you don't ask."

Don't think the devil is against your activities. In the kingdom of God, you can do many things and work hard; but everything remains empty and without power, nothing bears eternal fruit, why don't you pray. You have not yet realized that the devil prevents you from praying? I've searched among them and can't find any …. You are the man, you are the woman God seeks. You want to waste your life before you become an intercessor, a man of prayer? You don't notice that when you preach, your testimony, your songs, your spiritual life, they fell into a whirlpool without strength because you do not pray? God is looking for intercessors even today!

Pray seriously!

Giacomo 5, 16 dice: «Much can the supplication of the just, done effectively. "

God does not listen to the words of our prayers in the first place, however perfectly pious and orthodox they are, but it examines our heart first. At what point must our prayer be serious? It must be as much as the theme of prayer. It is not terribly serious that human beings rush into an eternity without Christ? Or maybe you don't believe in the reality of hell? It is not true God? You would have already fallen prey to universalism? In this case you cannot be serious intercessors. It is not tragically serious that God's name is profaned by those who, numerous, they persist in sin? Don't worry about the sick and dead church while Jesus is about to return? Pray seriously!

Through a serious prayer we are the ones who change! We then enter a disposition of spirit that allows God to bless us, and bless others through us. Because God is always the one who blesses. When sinners come to hear the gospel, their sins are still in them. They are guilty and have not yet received forgiveness. God does not want to forgive? Sure he wants it! Because they haven't received forgiveness yet? Because they still don't have an attitude of repentance. They just repent, they receive the forgiveness of their sins. God does not want to give an awakening? Yes, he does! Since in Isaiah 44, 3 he said: "For I will pour water on the thirsty ground." In Luca 12, 49 Jesus said,: «I have come to cast a fire on the earth; and that I want? Even if it were already on!»

But because we don't see the conversion yet? Because as children of God we do not yet have the necessary state of mind. God cannot bless; the canal is barred. Only when, all united, we will begin to pray seriously, and to humble ourselves in prayer, the Lord will begin to open the windows of heaven.

«Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and it will be opened to you (Matteo 7:7)

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