Predestination and foreknowledge of God?


God and DevilThose who defend man's free will in God's work of salvation, they often explain the doctrine of election as follows: “It gave, before he created the world, he knew, from eternity, who would have yielded to the Holy Spirit and thus chose as salvation those who would not have rejected him”. What a convoluted and illogical concept! In other words, God looks down the corridors of time to see who will believe and then “predestine” these people based on their autonomous choices, at their will. But what does that mean first “forecast” and then “predestination”??? In this belief system, man's absolute free will is necessary to preserve human responsibility. But this concept of foreknowledge ironically ends up destroying itself. There is no person who believes in free will who can believe in this theory of foreknowledge and remain steadfast in the teachings of God and his salvation. Because? Let us consider what follows:

  1. No defender of free will can claim that God foreknowledge from the beginning who he would save and at the same time teach that God is trying to save all men. Surely if God knows who will be saved and who will not be saved, how can you tell he's trying to save more? Certainly it is foolish to claim that God is trying to do something He knows will never happen. Those who defend the theological position of free will or the faith position of foreknowledge accuse the Calvinists by saying: “So what are you preaching to do the gospel to the non-elect? This is nonsense since God didn't elect them”. If there is any validity in this objection, this also applies equally to Arminians who preach to those whom God knows will never be saved. To Christians, God commands the gospel to be preached to ALL, because we don't know who the elect are, only God knows, and because when we indiscriminately sow the seed of the Gospel, the spirit causes the seed to germinate in those who are to be saved (1 Tessalonicesi 1:4,5 Giovanni 6:63-65). People are not saved like this without reason and without knowing it even though they are not Christians, but behind the preaching of the Gospel, the manifestation of the Spirit and as a consequence and proof, conversion to Christ.
  2. No defender of free will can claim, staying consistent, that God he knew which sinners would be lost and then claim that this was not His will, that is, to allow these sinners to be lost. Because he created them? We leave this question to the defenders of free will to consider. God could simply have avoided creating those he knew would voluntarily choose to go to hell. He knew where they were going before creating them. And as he continued to create them with full awareness that they would not be saved, evidently it was not in His will to save them. There are certain purposes and plans of God that we humans cannot fully understand. But He told us this over and over in the Bible, he spoke to us about this election of believers. The defender of free will can protest against the biblical truth according to which God chose to grant some men the final fate of hell, but this is a difficult concept for all of us to accept. The Arminian will have to face this problem, or he will have to admit the error of his theology or deny foreknowledge. But he could say that God had to create those who even perish against His will, thereby denying His sovereignty. This would make God a God subject to Fate, to fate and not omnipotent. Why would it not be right to choose some yes and some no? We do not all deserve to die for our sin? If you think about it, nothing in the world works according to justice, innocent children die, there are diseases, war, tragedy, earthquakes, hundreds of dead. And because God allowed it? What may seem unfair to us may have justice in God's eyes, and we should trust Him and accept His will, also with regard to salvation and the afterlife.
  3. No defender of free will can say that God foreknowledge who would be saved and at the same time teach that God punished Christ in order to redeem every single man who lived on the face of the earth.. Surely we should trust in God and not in our considerations and opinions, not what may seem right or wrong to us, but only what the Word of God says. What human being would make a huge but pointless sacrifice for people who already knew for sure they would reject it? Jesus Christ would truly die on the cross for everyone and not for many? He would truly die in vain for those he knew would not be saved? Arminians claim that God punished Christ for the sins of ALL, all those who knew they would go to hell. A contradiction.
  4. No defender of free will can say that God foreknowledge who would be saved and at the same time preach that Holy Spirit does all he can to save men. The Holy Spirit would be wasting his time and effort to convert a man who knew from the beginning that he would be lost.

Simply put, advocates of free will have a limited conception of God and His sovereignty, as well as being inconsistent with their theological position.

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