You have the Bible as Protestant idol


This is the most absurd objection! First of all, the Bible is just a book, that as important as it may be, materially only a mass of pages remains. But the difference with the Catholic icons, the fact that it contains the Word of God makes it, and for this reason it is a sacred book, not so much for its material component but for its spiritual content. And it is also a sacred book for Catholics, even if they don't take it much into consideration unfortunately.

Second thing, Christians do not worship and venerate the Bible, they take it materially like a book, it does nothing that falls to the ground or tears, we will buy another one. What matters is not the matter but its spiritual content, so we don't love matter, as Catholics do with the iconographies that treat them as if there were a divinity inside . There are not rare cases in which a crucifix or a statuette of the Madonna falls and when you pick it up you kiss it as if to say “You got hurt? I'm so sorry!” and pray for the involuntary sin just committed. We don't kiss the Bible, we don't talk to the Bible and we don't pray to the Bible. We worship God in “spirit and truth ” without the aid of visual effects. The Bible is essential for the Christian, since it contains the teachings and commandments of God, which elsewhere could not be learned as he gives them to us :

You investigate the scriptures, because you think you have eternal life through them, and they are the ones who testify of me (Giovanni 5:39)

The Bible is the sole authority, unspoiled by human precepts and traditions. It is the only and infallible Word of God, and those who stick to his teachings are certainly not wrong. But the same cannot be said of those who choose “other ways of salvation” the so-called “wide way that leads to perdition” (Matteo 7:13) as they are the ones who risk big.

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