Relations between science and theology


by Michele Buonfiglio

Relations between science and theology have not always been easy. For the believer, the universe and the Bible from the same source, therefore science, who studies the universe, and theology, studying the Bible, they should necessarily lead to God, as He is the Creator of the universe and He is the One who inspired the biblical writers. However, in reality this does not happen and many times there are profound contradictions between what theologians say and what scientists say..

This because?

bibleandscience[1]It is necessary to consider that, while the universe and Creation come from God, theology and science are human interpretations, research conducted by men, they do their best, but they can certainly make mistakes. This is why when there are contradictions between theology and science it is the duty of all scholars, theologians and scientists, to check their claims to see where the mistake is. The mistake may be in the sciences, but also in an erroneous interpretation of biblical revelation.

On the other hand, it is necessary to recognize that there are prejudices both on the part of theologians towards scientists, both on the part of scientists towards theologians. Now if we want the relationship between science and theology to start on a path of critical but at the same time respectful and constructive dialogue, it is necessary that all prejudices on both sides be eliminated.

Our mentality was formed in the Greco-Roman school of thought and therefore everything that does not fit into our cultural schemes is instinctively rejected.. The first thing to do in our opinion, from inveterate traditions that are part of our culture and that are deeply rooted in our thinking, but this does not mean they are absolutely true.

Clear our minds of any preconceived ideas, even those we are fond of, it is a duty to us and to others, as well as a sign of intellectual honesty. E’ a price to pay if we want to approach a problem and face it seriously as well as sincerely.

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