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  1. If Mariology is so fundamental to the faith, how ever after the death of Christ, Maria is explicitly mentioned only in proceedings 1:14?
  2. How come Paolo, in Galati 4:4, speaking of the incarnation of Jesus, he simply says “born of a woman”, without even mentioning her name and without spending a single word more about Mary?
  3. Why is there an almost total silence of the most ancient Christian writers on Mary (in particular on the “Maria” of today)?
  4. Why, in the New Testament, of all “truth of faith” on Mary enunciated over the centuries by Tradition and by the Magisterium – perpetual virginity, Immaculate Conception (dogma of 1854!), assumption into heaven (dogma of 1950), impeccability, co-redemption, recipient of a more sublime redemption than anyone else, heavenly royalty, mediation, veneration, ability to work miracles on earth -, there is not the slightest hint?
  5. On the Immaculate Conception, eg (and it applies to every other aspect), the board says: «In the Tradition of the Church, the common sense of faith … little by little he also came to acquire the certainty of his exemption from original sin. Finally in the 1854 Pope Pius IX solemnly defined it…». Possible that the more time passes and we move away from the first historical source (eyewitnesses, etc.), the more you can find out, of both earthly and heavenly things? And “to” even that during childbirth Mary remained miraculously a virgin: like believing in a miracle that Scripture does not report, and that no one ever said they saw?
  6. Of “kidnapping” in heaven of Enoch and Elijah, the Bible speaks of it (Genesis 5,24; 2 Re 2,11); if Maria is stata assumed into heaven, because the Bible doesn't mention it at all?

While Maria was alive and in the decades after her death (New Testament period), he never worked miracles, nor has she ever been venerated; the sacred writers did not bother to say where and when she died, nor how it is lived, nor have they developed any theology concerning it.

So what is the explanation?

Analyzing the miraculous events that accompany the Marian apparitions, it is clear how they turn out to be of a very different mold from those seen in the word of God. This is true of all biblical miracles and those of Jesus himself. When ever, eg, Jesus made the sun pulsate or rotate a cross on itself (two of the wonders of Medjugorje)?

All of Jesus' miracles were done in the context of His ministry. And biblical miracles have a strong practical side. Many of the miracles

associated with the Marian apparitions are, in contrast, dramatic and sensational; faces, practically, to attract attention – own
the kind of miracles Jesus categorically refused to do! (see Matteo 12:38-39). This is a good reason to be suspicious of the source of these miracles.

Dobbiamo poi ricordare che la parola di Dio condanna severamente talking with the dead. Any contact or revelation from them,whether it is Mary or another person, it is a communication with demons. The apostle Paul warns us that the devil “he knows how to disguise himself as an angel of light” (2 Corinthians 11:14-15), is capable of performing “powerful works, lying signs and wonders” (2 Tess. 2:9-10), and in the last times he will raise up false Christs and false prophets who “they will do great signs and wonders to seduce, if it were possible, even the elect” (Matteo 24:24). He is also able to predict the future (sometimes even with accuracy) and to declare a way to salvation other than the gospel of Jesus Christ. Its goal is always to distance man from Jesus Christ, precisely through religion, deviating from faith in Him as the one Savior and the only Mediator.

How does all this apply to Medjugorje and other popular Marian apparitions?

The purpose of the Adversary behind this phenomenon is perhaps to decentralize the faith of Catholics from Christ and the biblical elements of Catholicism by placing the emphasis on the less biblical and more sectarian aspects of Catholicism (Mariology in general, penances, purgatory, the veneration of deceased saints). As long as the emphasis remains on these things, Satan can afford to sweeten his deceptions with a little’ of Christian theology – eg, telling the followers of the apparitions to pray, to work for peace, and so on.

“Don't believe every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God:” (1 Giovanni 4:1).

Apparition under the altar of a church in Hungary - 1989
Apparition under the altar of a church in Hungary – 1989

The fact that the entities that appeared in Lourdes and Fatima initially refused to reveal their identity raises not a few suspicions about who they really were.. And sprinkle holy water mixed with salt, as was done in the case of Medjudorje, it doesn't mean at all “try the spirits”, but it is only a useless tradition created by men.

Whatever the cause, the effect of this phenomenon is to lead people away from God's truth. Indeed, if we want to defend it from this kind of spiritual aberrations, the Word of the Lord must be our point of reference.

The popularity of the apparitions shows us that millions of Catholics are genuinely hungry for spiritual truth. But the Truth, that which makes men free, it is found only in that Christ Jesus of which the apostolic writings speak, in our Lord Jesus. therefore, it is precisely out of respect for Christ and his Word – and out of true honor to his mother – that we reject the cult and the Marian apparitions.

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