The religious idolatry and superstition


Place a Bible or a religious book under the pillow or on diseased parts of the human body. Carrying relics of saints and venerating them.

Each cult rendered ad images e statue. This is severely condemned by Scripture (Exodus 20 :4-7; Lev. 26 : 1; Deut. 4 : 12-19; lsaia 40 : 18; Romans 1 : 23; proceedings 17 : 29); this cult constitutes a grave danger for Christians.

To pretend that the image is not adored for itself, but for the divine person who is represented in it, just as the Israelites were silent, it is but a pretext that has no value before God and His Word. God asks to be worshiped "in spirit and in truth" (Thurs.. 4 : 24), and not according to the senses; since these unconsciously lead to idolatry and worship of the "armies of heaven".

In God's Word we find this solemn warning:

"Watch diligently lest you become corrupted", becoming idolaters as did those who had demanded from Aaron that they be made a tangible figure of the living god, who had drawn them from Egypt with a strong hand and a powerful arm (1 Cor. 10 : 7; Exodus 32 : 1, 4; Deut. 4 : 16-19; proceedings 7 : 40-42; Neh. 9 : 10).

Prayers addressed to the santi, who are invoked as mediators with God, not only do they not correspond to any promise in Scripture, but they conceal a danger, that is, that of unconsciously addressing the "armies of heaven" or the spirits of the dead, and thus to fall under the dominion of spiritistic forces as well as in prayers for the dead. Jesus said,:

I am the way, the truth and the life; no one comes to the Father except through me (Thurs.. 14 : 6; Rom. 5 :10-11; 17; Jews 10 : 19- 23).

«Since there is only one God and also only one Mediator between God and men, The man Christ Jesus, who gave himself as a ransom price for all; tact that had to be attested in due time " (1 Tim. 2 : 5-6; Jews 9 : 15; 12 : 24).

Use "consecrated" or "blessed" objects against illness, the bad luck, the Lightning, the fire; for example: ashes, herbs, water, sale, ask, screen, cemetery land, etc;

Repeating a certain number of prayers or "Pater" with the aim of obtaining something from God (Matt. 6 : 7).

Abusing God's Name (Exodus 20 : 7). Use that Name for no reason, without reflection and respect; or to swear or pronounce votes, or for false oaths (Lev. 19 : 12), out of hypocrisy, for lies, injustices and blasphemies (Prov. 30 : 9; Is. 52 : 5; Ger. 34 :16; Lev; 24 :16; Ezec. 36 : 20: Matt. 7 : 21-23. Rom. 2 : 24).

Pronounce the Name of God or of the Trinity while preparing medicaments, while they are being applied or to ward off evil, etc; (proceedings 19 : 13-19).

Abusing the Holy Supper or Baptism, to obtain magical effects, while remaining in sin, instead of converting, to pass through the new birth and to progress in the way of sanctification, with a childlike faith in the Word of God, in the work of redemption accomplished by the Sacrifice of Christ.

Dare, just saying, a few moments of "recreation" to God, with some prayers repeated several times.

Make signs of the cross slowly and calmly, bows and genuflections every time you want to avert a danger; and as a sign of reverence by passing in front of some sacred object.

Don't lean on, for some time, kneeling in prayer.

In a discussion, that is about to get too lively, "Take refuge" in an Ave Maria, or in a prayer.

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